A bicycle car for pedaling on… the highway

The technological heart of this car-bike is based on a patented electronic pedal, called Pedaling Energy Recovery System (Pers). Finished, the greasy chain, the derailleur and the gears to shift! Everything is managed by algorithms.

To accelerate, you simply need to progress more powerfully. To reverse, pedal backwards. The regenerative braking system allows energy to be stored and the battery to be recharged when braking.

If the B license is required, it is not necessary to know how to ride a motorcycle. Thanks to its mechatronic front axle, the Vigoz automatically tilts when cornering, ensuring excellent road holding, and is authorized to use the highway, as it is approved for all roads. And this, in complete safety, thanks to a cockpit secured to automotive standards (shock absorption system, protective rigid cell), but also to an ABS system.

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3 wheels: 2 at the front, 1 at the rear

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And he’s French! Behind this revolutionary active vehicle, the Cixi company, based in Annecy, which is committed to producing a sustainable vehicle. To do this, it remains its owner and offers it as a flexible subscription. Thus, Vigoz never ends up in the scrapyard and the materials can be recycled.

“Vigoz is good for health and the environment”
Pierre Francis
Co-founder and CEO of Cixi

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Pierre Francis, co-founder and CEO of the company Cixi

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Paris Match. Do you think “active” vehicles are the future?
Pierre Francis. Since the post-war period, we have systematically gotten into a car, into a train… But it is deadly: the curves of obesity, cancer and diabetes are growing. At the same time, the planet is burning. So I wanted to create a business that made sense. An active vehicle is both good for your health and the environment. Like a classic car, the Vigoz allows you to go to work, travel long distances… while guaranteeing daily physical activity. So yes, for me, it’s the future.

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How is the Pers, your automatic pedal board, revolutionary?
First, it offers a real return of sensation: that of moving while encountering resistance, like on a classic bicycle. However, behind it, it’s only mathematics and electronics! Then, it opens up new possibilities, transforms the geometry of the frame… Before, everything had to be perfectly aligned: chain, sprockets, chainrings, etc. There, we can think about it completely differently, create other models.

We won’t be able to buy it, only rent it. For what ?
Indeed, it will be a subscription, of a few hundred euros per month. There is no reason to own your Vigoz. The company will remain responsible for this, which commits us to creating a sustainable product and recycling materials.

2 seats 1 driver + 1 passenger

120 km/h maximum speed

1 version with spoiler and 1 version with trunk

160 km: battery range (depending on the intensity of electric assistance used)

6 hours: recharge time of the lithium-ion battery on a standard 220v domestic socket Or: 3 hours to go from 20% to 80% recharge

Battery size: 1/3 of a Zoe battery



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