latest update improves video quality and your data privacy, how to install it

Mozilla has just deployed the latest update to its Firefox browser which brings major features. On the program, we find in particular the arrival of NVIDIA RTX Video Super Resolution technology, which upscales the definition of low quality videos.

Credits: Mozilla

If Firefox no longer has its former glory, the browser has retained a base of loyal users who eagerly await each of its updates. We understand them: in addition to improving performance and making navigation smoother with each new version, Firefox continues its fight against spy trackers who attack Internet users’ personal data. The latest update is no exception to this rule.

Indeed, version 126 of the browser includes an improved version of its function Copy Without Site Tracking, which prevents cookies from stealing personal data when a URL is copied by the user. Mozilla says that more than 300 “tracking parameters” are now blocked by this feature, allowing users to copy URLs privately. Although very interesting, this new feature is not the most interesting of this update.

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Firefox 126 lets you watch videos in the best conditions

The major addition in this update is Nvidia’s RTX Video Super Resolution technology. If you play video games, this name or at least its concept is surely not foreign to you. It is in fact an upscaling tool that allows you to increase the definition of low quality videos while removing various artifacts from the image. Please note, however, Mozilla specifies that you will need at least an RTX 20XX graphics card as well as Windows 10 to take advantage of it.

Nvidia also brings its RTX Video HDR technology which, as the name suggests, converts all SDR videos to HDR10 in order to enjoy a deeper color palette. Again, you will need a compatible monitor to take advantage of it. Here’s how to update Firefox:

  1. In Firefox, click the hamburger menu top right
  2. See you in Help > About Firefox
  3. Firefox will automatically download the update if it is available


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