Converting writing to letters with attribution to numbers

Hello everyone,

I tried to find similarities with other posts. Apart from the closest approach in the “indirect” function, at which I have reached my limit, I would like to thank anyone who can guide me on the subject already covered.

I would like to make a numerical assignment to letters, so that by “automatic” recognition the writing of a letter is converted into its assigned number.

As shown in the attached table, column B “indirectly” recovers the values ​​of column A. Same process for EF…

Until then “COLUMN(INDIRECT(A1&1)” does the job. Even if I would have liked more interdependence between the recovery in E of the values ​​of B.

However, I have a problem with attribution, editing a new alphabet code in K according to the sequence F(1-11) which can vary depending on the expression submitted in E; here “new code” (11 letters). This sequence in F is determined on 26 criteria (AZ) as indicated loops the sequence of 11 letters out of 26.

Finally, to finish, column O retrieves “the word to encode” (test) via column N, in order to edit the numerical values ​​assigned to the letters by the new alphabet sequenced in column K.

Can this be done using a spreadsheet? … Thank you for your attention



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