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The Hotpoint-Ariston FI6 861 SP IX HA built-in oven intends to appeal to lovers of bread, brioches and other bakery preparations. For this, it uses several automatic programs entirely dedicated to the successful production of these specialties, one is in particular dedicated to the rising of the dough. Obviously, its field of action is not limited to this and other dishes can be browned in its cavity.

Hotpoint-Ariston FI6 861 SP IX HA

Introductory price €649

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Editor's rating: 3 out of 5

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The Hotpoint-Ariston FI6 861 SP IX HA is a very recommendable oven, which could have become a reference if the manufacturer had worked a little on the automatic modes. As it stands, they don’t really make life easier for beginner cooks. What remains is an oven with very convincing cooking performance – even in economic mode, which is not common -, easy to use and which allows precise temperature adjustments thanks to the electronic controls.

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Strong points

  • Rapid preheating.
  • Economical mode usable and less energy consuming than classic modes.
  • Electronic temperature adjustment.

Weak points

  • Not very generous in terms of cooking modes and automatic programs.
  • Having to indicate a cooking temperature instead of a quantity of food when using automatic programs is not necessarily a good idea.

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