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It’s official, the WhatsApp application will change its interface. The first photos were published in several online media.

The year 2024 marks a turning point in WhatsApp history. The application bought by Meta has decided to get a new facelift.

WhatsApp and its many changes over the year

For several years, WhatsApp has reigned supreme among the applications most used messaging services worldwide. This platform allows smartphone users to stay in touch with their loved ones around the world.

And this, without any hidden costs. However, changes are expected such as this new method which now allows you to bring color to your conversations on WhatsApp.

To achieve this, you just need to download an app named Stylish Test, to open it. And select the design that suits you best for your messages.

This innovation not only allows you to change color text, but also to personalize the background, add fun drawings and stickers. Stylish Test offers an impressive variety of 120 text types and 100 art styles.

It also offers many symbols. However, this feature is currently available only on Android via the Play Store, thus excluding iPhone users.

For the moment, Stylish Test remains limited for the moment to Android devices. Which leaves iPhone users with the basic WhatsApp colors.

Surprises coming in 2024

For over a year now, the application has been owned by Meta. Moreover, it has crossed the barrier of two billion users in the world.

Among new features, users can now log in with the same account from multiple phones simultaneously. While maintaining encryption of conversations.

This functionality, limited to a maximum of four smartphones, offers businesses the possibility of manage interactions customers more efficiently. It is also now possible to save important messages on WhatsApp.

Moreover, know that WhatsApp is preparing for a major evolution. Soon, users will be able to send messages without the need to download the app on their smartphone, according to new European regulations.

This update will allow users of Messenger or Telegram to send messages to people on WhatsApp. Without needing an account or even downloading the app.

This novelty, although announced, remains for the moment not available to the French. Although it is already visible in the widgets and menus of the WhatsApp beta version.

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WhatsApp is getting a makeover



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