Stagnation or AI revolution?

Stagnation or AI revolution?
Stagnation or AI revolution?

According to Android Authority, the Rabbit r1, a promising AI-based device supposed to replace smartphones and having garnered 10,000 pre-orders, is in reality just a simple Android application housed in a plastic case sold for $199.

The world of technology was shaken by a surprising revelation to say the least concerning the highly anticipated Rabbit r1. This device, presented as a revolutionary solution based on artificial intelligence (AI) intended to replace our smartphones, seems to hide a much less glamorous secret.

A simple Android application?

According to investigations carried out by Android Authority, the popular Rabbit r1 is actually just an Android application housed in a plastic case sold to a premium price of 199 dollars. This shocking claim calls into question the true nature of this much-vaunted product.

To support their claims, Android Authority journalists managed to run the Rabbit r1 app directly on a regular smartphone. They were thus able to interact with the interface and ask questions, receiving responses identical to those provided by the dedicated device.

The manufacturer’s response

Faced with this potentially devastating revelation, the manufacturer of the Rabbit r1 wanted to provide its version of the facts. While acknowledging the ability to run the app on other devices, the company says its product is much more than just an Android application.

According to the manufacturer, running the Rabbit r1 application outside of its dedicated box could cause privacy and hacking issues. This warning, however, raises questions about the real added value of the device compared to a simple mobile application.

An uncertain future

Despite the 10,000 pre-orders recorded, testifying to the initial enthusiasm for the Rabbit r1, this revelation casts a shadow over the true capabilities of the device. Consumers could be led to question their investment in a product whose added value remains to be demonstrated.

Ultimately, this case highlights the importance of transparency and clear communication in the field of technology. Manufacturers must be clear about the actual functionality of their products to maintain consumer trust and avoid damaging misunderstandings.

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