All the information on the new Sram Red AXS

The war of the groups is relaunched! And Sram intends to stay at the top of performance with its group which can boast of being the lightest group on the market. Coming just under 2500 grams (2496 grams in double 48/35 and 10-28 cassette) or nearly 60 grams less than the Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 and no less than 160 grams saved compared to the previous Red AXS!
But summarizing the new Sram Red AXS to a mass figure would be a mistake as this new groupset is innovative both in terms of its ergonomics and its operation.

Find our exclusive first test of the new Sram Red groupset here


This is the most visible new feature of this new Sram Red. Sram has completely redesigned its levers for significantly better ergonomics, weight savings and increased stopping power.
For this the master cylinder piston has changed position. Previously positioned vertically, it is found horizontally in the body of the handle. A handle that has extended slightly allowing it to be grasped with both hands. This new position is facilitated by the curved shape of these new handles, well in line with the trend for new cockpits with pronounced flair.

On the braking side, Sram announces that it has reduced the force required for braking (in the hands-up position) by 80% with the new shape of the brake lever combined with the new calipers. In the hands-down position, the force required for braking has been reduced by 33%.

Sram red lever 2024

A bonus button appears on the top of the levers. This button can be configured to change speed, chainring or even configure an ANT+ compatible device.


· One-finger braking from the knuckles or in sprint position
· 83 grams lighter than the previous generation
· AXS connectivity offering easy configuration and customization
· Bonus buttons allow control of ANT+ devices or an additional option for gear changes
· Ultra-light carbon brake lever
· Textured shift levers and controls for greater comfort and optimal grip
· Bleeding Edge technology for easy and convenient bleeding
· Reach Adjust technology allows the guard to be adjusted for most hand sizes
· Contact point adjustment to customize the brake engagement point


We might as well answer your question straight away, yes the batteries are identical with all existing AXS groups. Sram has focused on technical modifications to motors and materials to make its derailleurs more efficient and lighter.
16 grams lighter, the new rear derailleur features new, enlarged X-Sync pulleys with ceramic bearings. The shock absorber always includes Orbit fluid, guaranteeing perfect chain tension whatever the roads taken. The derailleur is compatible with both 2x and 1x groups and cassettes from 10-28 to 10-36.

Rear derailleur characteristics

· 16 grams lighter than the previous generation
· Compatible with 1x and 2x drivetrains
· Compatible with cassettes from 10-28 to 10-36
· Widened X-SYNC rollers for better performance
· Compatible with existing AXS batteries

The front derailleur gains more responsive automatic fork adjustment to avoid friction during chain crossings. It adopts a brand new black finish.

Front derailleur characteristics

· Refined fork shape for faster and more precise shifts at the front
· Easy adjustment with included tool, SRAM Yaw technology optimized on the fork for use with X Range chainrings
· Automatic fork adjustment function to prevent chain friction
· Compatible with chainring combinations 46/33, 48/35, 50/37, 52/39, 54/41 and 56/43


The brake calipers allowed Sram to save weight and increase stopping power. Previously in one part, they are now in two parts, ensuring a more rigid structure. Sram announces that it has increased the space between the pads and the discs and has developed a new surfacing process for the latter called Paceline X. They also have an ultra-light aluminum support.


The new cranksets allow the Red group great flexibility of use. In single or double chainring version and with or without power sensor. The hollowed-out carbon cranks are almost 30 grams lighter and now available in lengths from 160 to 175mm.
Power meter cranksets always feature one-piece chainrings that incorporate the power meter device. The carbon cranks benefit from the 30 grams reduction in the versions without a power meter.

Features of the cranksets

· 2x monobloc chainrings
· 29 grams lighter than the previous generation
Ultra-light hollow carbon cranks, DUB bottom bracket
· Chainring combinations available: 50/37, 48/35 and 46/33
· Possible improvement with a power sensor (just change the one-piece star)
· Available in lengths 160, 165, 167.5, 170, 172.5 and 175 mm
· Power sensors accurate to +/- 1.5% and insensitive to climatic conditions


Sram has further expanded the range of developments available with the new Red. Four cassette options are available: 10-28, 10-30, 10-33 and finally a new 10-36 for the first time on the Red.

Cassette Features

· Designed for smooth and fast gear changes
· Progressive spacing between sprockets (at least five sprockets with a single tooth spacing on 10-28, 10-30 and 10-33 cassettes) while maintaining a wide gear range
· Small 10-tooth sprocket, for a wider speed range
· Options 10-30 and 10-36 available for the first time on the RED group
· Designed to work with an XDR cassette body
One-piece, ultra-light machined steel X-Dome design
· Available in versions 10-28, 10-30, 10-33 and 10-36
· Rainbow colors available in all sizes

The new Red chain is 13 grams lighter than the previous one. HollowPin technology consists of the use of hollow rivets, lighter and more resistant than usual solid rivets. Note that the rainbow color is still available.

Top Bike - 002518065000 CN RED E1 102LI c Side 1

Chain Features

· Flattop technology, for a thinner, more resistant chain offering quieter operation
· Internal links and rollers treated with hardened chrome to reduce wear and therefore increase the longevity of the chain
· HollowPin design to improve strength and performance
· Ultra-light external and internal plates thanks to an openwork design
· 13 grams lighter than the previous RED chain
· Rainbow colors available in all sizes


This is what makes Sram strong, the new Sram Red groupset is available in a multitude of versions. Classic double chainring, single chainring and with or without power sensor. Enough to have a group perfectly suited to its practice.
Note that all Sram AXS components are compatible with each other and even backward compatible. This means that you can benefit from the ergonomics of the new levers even on a Rival group or on an old Red!

Top Bike - 006118679005 FC RED PM E1 DUB 175 5037 d 3q scaled


Full group: 3350 euros (without cassette and crankset)
Caliper levers: 1510 euros (755 euros per unit including lever-caliper)
Rear derailleur: 785 euros
Front derailleur: 505 euros
Chain : from 100 to 110 euros
Cassette: from 435 to 460 euros (505 to 525 euros in rainbow)
2x crankset: 785 euros (1345 euros with power meter)
Teeth 52/39, 54/41, 56/43, 48T or 52T cranks + chainrings 450 + 895 euros

More information on the Sram websiteFind our exclusive first test of the new Sram Red groupset here

Top Bike - SRAM RED 32 scaled


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