the PS5 VR headset is finally much cheaper than the console thanks to this offer

The VR headset market today still remains a niche market with an uncertain future, in particular because of products that are too expensive for the experience offered. Sony has also embarked on the VR adventure with headsets dedicated to its PlayStation consoles and operating in a closed ecosystem, but providing an immersive, high-quality experience. Currently, the PlayStation VR2 is available for 499.99 euros instead of 599.99 euros.

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It’s been a while since Sony entered the VR headset market with a first PlayStation VR marketed in 2016. Two years after the release of the PS5, the Japanese giant renewed its focus with a second version dedicated to its next-gen console where we find the same immersive technologies as the DualSense controller. Today, the Sony PlayStation VR2 benefits from a reduction of 100 euros thanks to a promotional code and finally becomes cheaper than the console itself.

The Sony PlayStation VR2 in a few points

  • Fast and precise OLED HDR displays
  • Ergonomic Sense Controllers
  • The presence of haptic feedback and adaptive triggers

Instead of the usual 599.99 euros, the Sony PlayStation VR2 is now available on sale for 499.99 euros at Rakuten (via the seller Carrefour) using the promo code CMCA100.

If, subsequently, the offer mentioned in this article is no longer available, please take a look below to find other promotions concerning the Sony PlayStation VR2. The table updates automatically.

Where to buy

Sony PlayStation VR2 at the best price?

Making something new out of something old

Six years passed between the first and second PlayStation VR, which means that Sony had time to rethink the VR experience so that it was less restrictive by removing the cameras and motion detectors and so that it was more harmonious with the PS5. The PlayStation VR2 announces the color with its black and white design easily reminiscent of the latest Sony console, if this is well mastered, the same cannot be said of the quality of the finishes which are more reminiscent of an entry product of range.

In terms of comfort, the PlayStation VR2 is exemplary. Eye fatigue remains inevitable with this type of product, but during the long gaming sessions of our test, the weight of the headset was never felt. As for the screens, the interior is equipped with Fresnel lenses while recent models have pancake lenses, so we find the chromatic aberrations on the angles and contours inherent to this type of optics. But the PlayStation VR2 is especially equipped with an OLED display with a definition of 2,000 x 2,040 pixels per eye with a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz, which therefore gives a bright, fluid, clear image, and therefore pleasant to look at.

An almost flawless immersive experience

The great success of the PlayStation VR2 is undoubtedly its controllers, the Sense Controllers. These use the same technologies as the DualSense controller, namely a gyroscope, adaptive triggers and haptic feedback. Add the ergonomics and comfort of handling and these Sense Controllers become a real strength for the PlayStation VR2. In addition, if the headset works wired, the controllers run on battery and each benefit from a battery life of 4 to 5 hours, which is more than enough to cover a large gaming session.

A final word on the software aspect which must be the biggest weak point of the Sony PlayStation VR2. Like most PlayStation-labeled devices and accessories, this VR headset operates in a closed ecosystem and requires a wired connection with a PS5 to function. This is restrictive and is a definite disadvantage compared to autonomous headsets such as Meta Quest or Pico. PS VR2 is designed only for PS5 gamers. However, it is possible to make the PlayStation VR2 compatible with a PC but the manipulation is within the reach of the more DIY enthusiasts among you since it requires hardware modifications.

To find out even more, read our full Sony PlayStation VR2 review.

7 /10

type="image/avif"> type="image/webp">>>The PS VR2 headset // Source</a>: Sony

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