Immediately uninstall these popular apps that have been removed from Google Play Store

Hello, dear readers and technology enthusiasts! Today, we dive into the not always rosy world of mobile applications. Get out your virtual detectives, because it’s time to clean up our smartphones!

Your challenge if you accept it: Identify intruders

Imagine, you are peacefully strolling through the vast garden of Google Play, picking up useful applications here and there… but among them, some are real wolves in sheep’s clothing. Recently, security analysts at AppCensus revealed a massive data collection operation orchestrated via seemingly innocuous applications. More than 60 million users reportedly downloaded these seemingly useful apps, ranging from simple weather widgets to prayer apps, which turned out to be digital Trojan horses.

Are you drying? Here is the solution!

These apps, some extremely popular, have been identified as potential threats to your privacy. They were removed from the Google Play Store in March, following the discovery of their unwanted little game. But hang on, they’re already back! Despite Google’s assurances as to their newfound safety, the precautionary principle and common sense would dictate that we avoid reinstalling them.


For all those who are still wondering whether to keep them or not, the answer is simple: press “delete” without hesitation! With data as sensitive as your email addresses, phone numbers, passwords, and even your GPS location history at stake, it’s better to be safe than sorry. And as always, keep your eyes open and click carefully – remember that in the app garden, the most beautiful flowers can sometimes hide traps!

And to continue playing safely, follow our Facebook page for more tips and tricks. Who knows, maybe your phone will thank you? In the meantime, keep your data safe and your curious mind sharp!



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