Crewed takeoff of Starliner spacecraft further postponed

Crewed takeoff of Starliner spacecraft further postponed
Crewed takeoff of Starliner spacecraft further postponed

Donald Trump’s lawyers launched hostilities on Tuesday to try to shake up his former confidant Michael Cohen. The lawyer incriminated the former American president for hidden payments to a porn star before the 2016 presidential election.

Michael Cohen, 57, who was Donald Trump’s confidant before swearing his loss, continued on Tuesday to incriminate him, while recognizing that he “worshipped him” when he worked alongside him.

During the interrogation by the prosecution, which lasted eight hours Monday and Tuesday, he said that Donald Trump had approved, at the very end of the 2016 presidential campaign, a payment of $130,000 to the actress of pornographic films Stormy Daniels in order to buy her silence about a sexual relationship she claims to have had in 2006 with the businessman, already married to Melania Trump. Donald Trump denies this relationship.

Michael Cohen, who had paid Stormy Daniels, also claimed that Donald Trump had validated his reimbursement in 2017. These expenses were disguised, according to the accusation, as “legal expenses” in the accounts of the family real estate group, the Trump Organization.

Not in difficulty

This is key testimony for prosecutors, because it is this alleged concealment that has earned him 34 charges of accounting falsification and puts him at risk of the first criminal conviction of a former American head of state.

After the accusation, Donald Trump’s lawyers launched hostilities against Michael Cohen, whom they describe as a pathological liar and obsessed with his thirst for revenge against the former president.

Michael Cohen, however, did not really appear in difficulty during the cross-examination. He even hit the nail on the head, assuring that if he paid Stormy Daniels in 2016, it was “for [s]”ensure that the story would not come out and affect Donald Trump’s chances of becoming president of the United States.” And he said he was acting “on behalf of Donald Trump.”

In a moment full of intensity, the prosecutor showed the court the invoices which made it possible to reimburse Michael Cohen, as well as 11 checks, most of them directly signed by Donald Trump. The former lawyer calmly repeated that each time they were false invoices.

Her testimony joins that of Stormy Daniels, who last week gave a raw account of the sexual relationship she claims to have had with Donald Trump in 2006.

There will be no hearing on Wednesday and cross-examination will continue on Thursday.

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