with a simple keyboard shortcut you can instantly ask a ChatGPT question, Windows users will have to wait.

OpenAI launches ChatGPT app for macOS, Windows users will have to wait.

In an effort to make its AI chatbot more accessible, OpenAI has announced a new ChatGPT desktop application. There are already third-party desktop apps, but now there’s an official option. It joins existing mobile apps for iOS and Android and, unusually, macOS users have access to the desktop app before Windows users.

The ChatGPT desktop app for macOS is available to free and paid users of the chatbot, and its launch coincides with the availability of the new GPT-4o model. Taking advantage of GPT-4o’s enhanced text, voice, and vision capabilities, OpenAI says voice mode was enabled on day one to enable voice conversations with ChatGPT.

Announcing the availability of the ChatGPT desktop app for macOS, the company says:

“For free and paid users, we’re also launching a new ChatGPT desktop app for macOS that’s designed to seamlessly integrate with everything you do on your computer. With a simple keyboard shortcut (Option + Space), you You can instantly ask a ChatGPT question. You can also take screenshots and discuss them directly in the app.

OpenAI adds:

You can now have voice conversations with ChatGPT directly from your computer, starting with the voice mode that was available in ChatGPT at launch, with new audio and video capabilities coming in GPT-4o. Whether you want to brainstorm a new idea for your business, prepare for an interview, or discuss a topic, tap the headset icon in the bottom right corner of the desktop app to start a voice conversation.

Plus users will benefit from initial access to the application, with other macOS users benefiting from a wider rollout in the coming weeks. OpenAI specifies that “we also plan to release a Windows version later this year“.

Source : OpenAI announcement

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