how Gemini wants to read, sort, write and organize your emails for you

During Google I/O 2024, Google showed how Gemini 1.5 Pro wants to shake up the way you interact with your emails in Gmail.

Google I/O 2024 is, as expected, particularly focused on artificial intelligence and more precisely on the new capabilities unlocked by Gemini 1.5 Pro, the latest language model (LLM) from Mountain View. And obviously, you will find this LLM in a whole bunch of Google services, starting with Gmail.

No need to read your emails anymore

The messaging service will thus see its AI functions go a step further in terms of possibilities in Workspace. And if there is one thing to remember above all, it is that thanks to Gemini 1.5 Pro you will be able to generate in a few seconds concise and clear summaries of important information to remember from more different emails in Gmail.

We grant you that, said like that, it is not necessarily very clear. Fortunately, Google provides an example. Let’s say you’re looking to repair the roof of your home. You come into contact with a craftsman and you exchange several messages. You may lose track, so to get your ideas straight, you simply ask Gemini to give you a summary of the essential elements to remember.

Alright. You now have the availability and the price offered by said craftsman. But you remember also having exchanged with other professionals on this subject some time before. Instead of searching for relevant emails and then comparing quote prices, you can ask Gemini to do this work for you.

It’s not over. Gemini will then suggest intelligent responses, the famous “Smart replies” that we already know. But there is something new. The answers in question display a short title to summarize the general idea they will convey. In our example, we can therefore have a Smart reply entitled “Continue and accept the proposed schedule” or “Decline the proposal”.

Gemini 1.5 Pro promises to understand the context of different exchanges and therefore adapt its response suggestions with the greatest finesse. Small practical aspect: a long press on one of Smart Reply allows you to read the entire message proposed transparently in order to see if it suits you.

The email summaries mentioned here are arriving this May for Gmail users in the Workspace Labs program. The more sophisticated Smart Replys will arrive in July for these same people.

A stronger link between Gmail and other Google applications

Imagine that the promises of Gemini 1.5 Pro in Gmail do not stop there. Artificial intelligence wants to connect Gmail more closely than ever to other Google applications and create automations when it considers it relevant. So let’s take another example. You regularly receive invoices by email to sort and process.

To help you with this task, you can simply ask Gemini to create a perfectly organized Sheets table and a dedicated Drive folder from the invoices received as attachments in your emails. The AI ​​will then offer to automate this task and you can then have peace of mind knowing that your invoices will always be tidy and well tracked. In any case, that’s Google’s promise.

This organization and automation of tasks will arrive in the Workspace Labs program in September.

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