Nothing’s idea to make ChatGPT more convenient to use

While the voice version of ChatGPT will improve greatly in the coming weeks, Nothing is working on integrating it into its headphones and smartphones. It will be possible to trigger it without even touching your Nothing Phone.

This May 13, OpenAI held a conference during which the company unveiled GPT-4o, an LLM offering better speech performance. Enough to demonstrate this new ChatGPT with very responsive results. From now on, Nothing wants its customers to use the chatbot and uses its smartphones and headphones to do this.

ChatGPT directly into your Nothing Ear headphones

We have already known this for some time, but now the date is given: it will be May 21 that the Nothing X application can be updated. Available on the Nothing Phone (1), Nothing Phone (2) and Nothing Phone (2a), it already allows ChatGPT to be triggered more quickly. All via a few widgets offering quick access to input modes: text, voice and image. But next week, Nothing wants you to trigger ChatGPT with its headphones, via a command.

Indeed, it will be possible to invoke the voice version of ChatGPT, aptly named ChatGPT Voice. All without having to take your smartphone in your hands. As the brand confirmed to 9to5Google, you will indeed need a Nothing smartphone to use it. All Nothing branded headphones, but also CMF (a more affordable brand belonging to Nothing) are compatible:

Nothing overrides OpenAI and Google by making ChatGPT a voice assistant

The ChatGPT demos may be impressive, but at the moment they are only available to subscribers to the service. Free users will have to wait a few more weeks. Especially since the integration on Android or iOS of the voice version of the chatbot remains limited. On Android, there is a button in the quick settings, but that’s it. OpenAI has not yet made ChatGPT Voice a voice assistant that can be selected in Android settings. It seems that it is only a matter of time, however.

Source: Unsplash

On the Google side, Google Assistant is becoming less and less interesting and seems doomed in the face of Gemini. During Google I/O which will take place this May 14, Google could announce a redesign of its assistant which is based on Gemini and generative artificial intelligence. The company would then have the power to deploy it almost anywhere. Regardless, Nothing wants to make it possible to use ChatGPT with voice only, although only with its products.



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