Apple explains (again) why it never launched a touchscreen Mac

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Tom Boger, Apple’s VP of marketing for the iPad and Mac, spoke about the fundamental differences between the two products according to Apple… and about the possibility to one day see the company launch a touchscreen Mac.

The iPad Pro 13 M4, announced this May 7 // Source: Apple

Apple is at this stage one of the few computer manufacturers to have never launched a touchscreen laptop, and there is little chance that it will ever venture to do so. This is what we remember from the statements of Tom Boger, Apple’s vice president of marketing responsible for the iPad and Mac.

In an interview with Joanna Stern for the Wall Street Journal, the person concerned wanted to recall the rather rigid philosophy of the Cupertino giant in this matter, explaining in passing why the firm had never taken the plunge… but nevertheless leaving a small door open to a possible change of doctrine to the future. But in short, according to him, the iPad and the Mac are above all complementary, one is not intended to replace the other.

iPad and Mac destined to coexist rather than mix

Tom Boger particularly insists on the fact that the iPad is in essence a “ touch device “, while the Mac is intended for what he calls ” indirect manipulation “. A dissociation due, among other things, to the major software differences that remain between iPadOS and macOS, despite the few similarities observed between the two systems in recent years.

We do not consider them to be competing devices. We consider them complementary devices “, declared Tom Boger. The iPad, he added, “ has always been a touch device, while the Mac is intended for indirect manipulation, that is, using a keyboard, mouse and/or trackpad “. As for the question of a change of approach, the person concerned remains very clear for the moment: iPads are designed for touch, Macs are not.

Source: Brice Zerouk for Frandroid

macOS is aimed at a very different computing paradigm Boger continued, adding that many Apple customers own both types of devices and see the iPad as a way to “expand” the potential of their Mac for productivity or creation. The Apple VP also emphasized that the “Continuity” function allows you to work easily and simultaneously on a Mac and an iPad.

That being said, Apple is also not stopping itself from changing its approach one day. “ Oh, I can’t say we never change our minds », commented Tom Boger when Joanna Stern insisted on the subject of a potential change of approach. Enough to echo the latest discoveries of Mark Gurman.

Often well informed, the Bloomberg journalist indicated last year that Apple would be actively working on the development of a touchscreen MacBook Pro expected for 2025.

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