Welcome to The Pit, the new ultimate challenge in Diablo 4

In the latest Diablo 4 update, new endgame content called the Pit brings unprecedented challenges and tempting rewards…

Diablo Season 4 begins tomorrow, and with it patch 1.4. Two gameplay and content updates that will clearly be game-changers for Blizzard’s hack’n’slash. Loot and crafting are thus profoundly rethought. But activities are also experiencing revolutions: the Infernal Waves for example, but also a new instance: the Pit.

What is the Pit in Diablo 4?

Introduced in Season 4, “Re-energized Loot”, the Pit is a major innovation for Diablo 4’s endgame content. It is a series of timed, dungeon-like levels where players must eliminate a set number of enemies in less than 10 minutes for the chance to face a boss. Each death adds time to the timer (30s, then 45s, then 60s), thus exponentially increasing the difficulty of the confrontation. I explain all these mechanics in detail in the Pit guide.

How to unlock the Pit?

To access the Well, players must reach World Level 4 and complete a priority quest which leads them to complete a level 46 Nightmare dungeon. This quest allows you to obtain Rune Shards, necessary to activate the Obelisk located at Cerrigar, thus opening access to the Pit.

Players can take on the Pit alone or in groups of four, but whoever uses the Rune Shards to open the Pit receives additional rewards.

The challenge of the Fosse

La Fosse offers 200 challenge levels. Completing a level unlocks the next one, but finishing with 4 to 6 minutes remaining allows you to skip a level, and finishing with more than 6 minutes allows you to skip two levels.

The rewards of the Pit

The main draw of the Pit is the masterworking materials, which are essential to using the new crafting system to fine-tune your gear. The materials obtained vary depending on the level:

  • Obducity: Levels 1 to 20
  • Ingolith: Levels 21 to 40
  • Neathiron: Levels 41 and above

These materials can also be converted to the lower material level at the Occultist. Defeating the boss of each level gives a chance to receive a Peter Stygian, used to summon Tormented Echoes, the end-of-game Ultra Bosses of level 200. The higher the level, the greater the probability of receiving this stone. Otherwise, as in a Nightmare Dungeon, you will not have to loot anything before the end of the dungeon so as not to waste time.

The Pit in Diablo 4 offers a new dimension to the endgame, challenging players with events that test their builds, not only their speed in clearing monsters but also their defense. With key rewards for upgrading gear via masterworking, plus Stygian Stones for summoning the game’s Ultra Bosses, this new content will draw all Sanctuary adventurers into its depths. Will you be strong enough to face the Pit? See you on May 14!



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