Google cleans up Android and removes Wallet for some users

Google is cleaning up and raising the prerequisites for using its Google Wallet application. This virtual wallet will soon no longer be available on a large number of smartphones.

If Google Wallet is to be differentiated from Google Pay, one does not go without the other. Wallet stores payment cards, transport tickets, loyalty cards or even gift cards. It’s a real virtual wallet.

And discreetly, Google has modified the support page for its application. It now requires that your smartphone be running Android 9. If it is a connected watch, it must be able to run Wear OS 2.x at least.

Google justifies its decision by explaining that “To make Wallet features, such as contactless payment transactions, more secure, we need to be able to push security updates to your device. Security updates are not available for Android versions lower than 9″.

Old or outdated smartphones

The choice of Android 9 is not a coincidence. In October 2023, Android 9 still represented 19.5% of the market, the largest value behind subsequent versions. However, Android 9 is the system that we can have at most on the Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung Note 8, Sony Xperia XZ1 or even an HTC U11. In short, smartphones that are still starting to have mileage on the odometer.

In fact, we can’t help but think that if Android 9 still remains strong it is probably also because users do not update their devices. Depending on the status of the notifications or the manufacturers’ software, the alert of the availability of an update may not be displayed, or it can also easily be skipped. In short, before throwing away your smartphone, check that it does not have an update in stock. It’s easy to see. Just go to Settings > System > System Update.

Google’s new policy for its Wallet application will be effective from June 10, 2024.

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