The electric car with a 1000 km range breaks the world record for handling

The new IM L6 is a truly impressive electric car. Equipped with a theoretical autonomy of more than 1000 km thanks to a semi-solid battery, it promises incredible handling. She has just established a new world record for the moose test. A road holding test known to be very difficult.

IM L6 // Source: IM Motors

Car handling is rarely tested objectively. Except with a world-renowned avoidance test: the momentum test (moose test in English). We remember that the Smart #1 or the Zeekr X did not turn out to be very good in this test. The objective is to succeed in passing the test at the highest possible speed, without the car coming into contact with the cones which delimit the track or simply losing control. Enough to simulate emergency avoidance on the road.

Until now, the record was held by the Citroën Xantia V6 Activa, since… 1999! With a passing speed of 85 km/h. No other car had managed to do better, whether Porsche or even McLaren. But that was without counting on Chinese electric cars, and more precisely the IM L6.

1000 km of autonomy and impressive handling

This is an impressive electric car in several respects, and produced by SAIC, the parent company of MG to which we notably owe the MG4. We already knew that its technical sheet was attractive, with for example a range of 1000 km on the Chinese CLTC cycle (around 800 km on our European WLTP cycle) thanks to a semi-solid battery (or solid, we don’t really know since the company is stingy with information on the subject).

But what we knew less was that this monster of more than 2 tonnes (2040 or 2250 kg depending on the version) was very comfortable in terms of handling, in particular thanks to its “smart digital chassis” and its four steering wheels.


The Chinese manufacturer IM has indeed posted a teaser on Weibo (the local social network) where we see the car brilliantly performing the famous momentum test. We do not see the speed of passage, but the manufacturer announces that the speed was greater than 85 km/h. Enough to beat the Citroën Xantia V6 Activa which held the record for 25 years!

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Note, however, that the IM L6 is not its first exploit regarding this moose test, since it had already succeeded in this exercise a few days ago… but in autonomous mode, without anyone behind the wheel.

We should know more in the coming hours, since all the technical details on the IM L6 should be revealed by the manufacturer. Note that this electric car will be sold in Europe in the coming months. Marketing in China has just started.



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