AMD: ~24% client and server CPU market share

When looking at AMD today, it’s hard to think that the company was in poor health. Indeed, with its Zen architecture, the company managed to get out of a bad situation, so much so that it now has around 24% market share. Little by little, the reds are gaining ground, especially in the first quarter of 2024!

AMD is gaining ground on Intel!

If we look at the figures published by Mercury Research, the reds reached their highest market shares in their history in the first quarter of 2024. In the consumer sector, where Ryzen processors are sold, the brand displays 23.9 % of shares. On the server side, same herbal tea with 23.6%, but with slower progression.

It must be said that AMD’s processors are off to a very good start, especially when compared to Intel’s offering. Despite the launch of a fourteenth generation, the gaming processor of the moment remains the Ryzen 7 7800X3D. As for the server part, the Red Epycs display very serious performance thanks to their numerous hearts.


However, in the mobile sector, AMD is losing ground to Intel, not much, but still. In this sector, we can assume that the arrival of Meteor Lake has helped to re-motivate sales on the blue side.

Remember that the company should soon offer its new Ryzen 9000 based on the Zen 5 architecture. If the performance gains are debatedit is not impossible that their launch will help to re-motivate sales on the red side.



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