an external SSD up to 8 TB designed for the office

SanDisk has just unveiled an unusual external SSD: the Desk Drive. The SSD stands out by its large capacity (4 Or 8 TB16 TB version in preparation), as well as by its sedentary appearance. This disk thus promises speeds up to 1 GB/s, but requires a continuous additional power supply. Back to its characteristics.

Large-capacity external SSDs are becoming more widespread

While very compact and very fast SSDs happily dominate the external storage market, there is another category that is starting to break through: external SSDs big capacity. So, after a Samsung T5 EVO going up to 8 TBbut for speeds not exceeding USB 3.0here is SanDisk presents the Desk drive.

SanDisk Desk Drive SSDSanDisk Desk Drive SSD

This “desktop disk” comes in two capacities: 4 or 8 TB. It has a connection to the standard USB 3.2 Gen 2 at 10 Gb/s. It is therefore much faster than the T5 EVO which caps at around 465 MB/s. SanDisk promises up to 1000 MB/s in speed of readingand indicates up to 900 MB/s quickly writing. Note that SanDisk hopes to release a version at 16 TB from here to 2025.

SanDisk Desk Drive SSDSanDisk Desk Drive SSD

Surprisingly, the SanDisk Desk Drive requires a constant power supply via a outleta characteristic reminiscent of that of old hard drives (HDD) and which was thought to be obsolete for SSDs.

With dimensions of almost 10 cm side, 4 cm thick and a weight of 268gthis external SSD is not not the most compact on the market. Plus, it comes with a bulky (but necessary) power cable. On the connectivity side, the Desk Drive is equipped with a USB-C portof a plug hole and a security slot Kensington.

Here are the technical characteristics of the SanDisk Desk Drive:

  • ability : 4 or 8 TB (16 TB for 2025)
  • flow rates : 1000 MB/s reading and 900 MB/s writing
  • resistance to falls: N / A
  • protection against water and dust : N / A
  • compatibility : USB 3.2 Gen 2 (10 Gb/s)
  • connectivity : USB Type-C
  • guarantee : 3 years
  • compatible : macOS, Windows
  • dimensions : 99.2 x 99.2 x 40.2 mm
  • weight : 268g
  • price at launch : €427 (4 TB) and €785 (8 TB)

SanDisk Desk Drive SSD pricing and availability

THE SanDisk Desk Drive SSD is only available on the manufacturer’s store at the moment. The version 4 TB is displayed at €427 and the version 8 TB is offered to €785.

Our first review of the SanDisk Desk Drive

The SanDisk Desk Drive is more likely to stay on a desk and to serve extension to the internal space of your computer. However, the Desk Drive is not intended to be just cold storage of your data. With writing speeds approaching 1000 MB/sit remains entirely possible to work directly from the disk.

These fairly honorable speeds and its large storage capacities of the Desk Drive make the SanDisk SSD a interesting choice for those who want to expand their storage in the office while benefiting from the performance of a Capacity SSDat the cost of continuous power supply.

Although the SanDisk Desk Drive is not not designed primarily to be portable, it is still possible to carry it in a backpack, provided you have an electrical outlet. This choice of design, requiring external power Source, is likely motivated by the desire to ensure consistently high transfer speeds, without putting excessive strain on the USB-C port for power. This configuration allows separate energy management from data managementthus optimizing disk performance.



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