How to locate a phone on Google Maps

How to locate a phone on Google Maps
How to locate a phone on Google Maps

With the consent of the person concerned, you can locate a loved one’s phone on Google Maps, which can be very useful.

Whether you are a parent who wants to ensure the safety of your children, or you have lost your phone and want to find it, there are a thousand good reasons to use the Google Maps geolocation system. Unfortunately, there are also two thousand bad ones, and that’s why it’s not enough to type the phone number of the loved one in question into the Google Maps search bar in order to find out what they are. doing it, and spying on him.

This is why this article is aimed not only at those who would like to use this functionality for the good reasons mentioned above, but also at those who would like to protect themselves from the bad ones…

Therefore, both users will need to have an updated version of Google Maps. For the “target” of the location, geolocation authorization must also be activated. That being said, here’s how to do it:

In Google Maps, click on your profile photo (or your initial in the small colored circle, if you don’t have a photo set) and click on the “Location Sharing” option. Here you have the opportunity to share it for a certain duration, or indefinitely. You finally select the person to whom you want to transmit this information, and they will be able to follow your movements in real time. Worrying, isn’t it?

If for some reason you are worried that you are being spied on, and someone has managed to activate this feature on your smartphone surreptitiously, it’s quite simple. You will need to go to “location sharing”. If this is activated (and your suspicions are therefore justified), you will then be entitled to a “location sharing” tab at the top of the screen. Then click on the toothed wheel to find out who is spying on you, and to deactivate this feature.

Now, back to a “healthy” use of this feature: once the “target” has shared their location with you, it will appear as a profile icon on the “observer” screen. Clicking on this icon will also give additional information about the user, so be careful not to share your location with just anyone!

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