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60 million consumers recommend avoiding these 4 brands of olive oil. They would be dangerous for health.

Olive oil is essential in the kitchen. However, certain brands should be avoided! Here are the recommendations of 60 million consumers.

Brands to avoid according to 60 million consumers

In cooking, certain ingredients have become stars of all recipes. This is particularly the case for olive oil. Full of benefits, it also brings lots of flavor to your dishes.

You should know that olive oil is rich in different polyphenols. They are powerful antioxidants that are very good for your health.

Olive oil is also known to protect the heart. It also works miracles for your skin and body. And also helps reduce bad cholesterol levels. In addition, its consumption can reduce the risk of contracting different types of cancers. Its daily use can therefore do you a lot of good!

In the market, consumers have many choices. Indeed, there are many brands of olive oil. There is something for all budgets.

However, not all brands are created equal. To advise the French, 60 million consumers conducted a survey on the brands of olive oil sold on the market.

To carry out its study, 60 million consumers therefore analyzed a sample of 24 references. And the result is clear: 23 of them present risks to the health of the consumer.

The problem ? They contain plasticizers. These are elements which act on the endocrine system. It is therefore important to choose your olive oil carefully.

The olive oil you should favor

According to 60 million consumers, certain brands of olive oil should be avoided at all costs. They indeed contain substances that may present health risks.

It is also the Terra Dellysa oil or that of La Vie Claire. Among the brands of oil to also avoid, we find Cauvin Bio or Naturalia Virginie oils.

These 4 brands of olive oil use DEHP and DBP in their recipe. This is why 60 million consumers recommend avoiding them at all costs.

But don’t panic, there are also certain brands that have won over experts from 60 million consumers. These include the brand’s oil Primadonna who obtained a nice score of 16 out of 20!

This brand of olive oil passed the test with flying colors. Especially thanks to its pollutant-free composition! It is therefore without risk to health and you can consume as much as you want.

To benefit from all the benefits of olive oil, it is therefore important to follow the recommendations of 60 million consumers. As a reminder, olive oil hides unsuspected and quite surprising virtues.

For example, it is an excellent natural anti-inflammatory. Especially thanks to the antioxidants and polyphenols it contains. It also helps relieve joint and muscle pain.

On the other hand, olive oil is also your best ally to facilitate digestion. A spoon before a hearty, alcoholic meal allows you to prevent its unwanted effects!

To benefit from all the benefits of this ingredient without take risks for your health, it is important to choose it carefully. According to 60 million consumers, the Primadonna brand is the best reference in this area. So you know what to do the next time you go shopping.

60 million consumers olive oil



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