Thermaltake also on Sim Racing with its GR500

Thermaltake is launching into Sim Racing with a complete structure capable of receiving peripherals from different brands called GR500. It is a mixed steel/aluminum structure incorporating a bucket seat. The seat as well as the support for the steering wheel and the pedals allow certain adjustments to best suit the measurements of the end user. The arrival of the brand combined with recent news confirms that something is happening, commercially speaking, around Sim Racing.

Sim Racing accessories from major brands are supported by the Thermaltake GR500. The brand has thus made available a list of validated accessories and we will notice that the essentials from Fanatec, Logitech and Thrustmaster are supported. You must choose the type of accessories (such as the steering wheel for example) before purchasing to receive the appropriate supports. Which means that a change of brand will involve changing the support and therefore buying a new one. In the illustrations that we publish here, you will see the presence of a support for monitors. This “Triple Racing Monitor Stand” is optional and you will therefore need to add a ticket to have the complete solution.

Thermaltake GR500: a complete solution that seems scalable.

Thermaltake GR500 monitorsThermaltake GR500 monitors


For the moment, the price of the screen support has not been communicated, only the “bucket” kit is displayed at €830 on the brand’s official website. What makes this stand special is its ability to support up to three 32-inch monitors. To do this, it will be necessary to ensure compliance with VESA mounting standards, in particular 75 x 75 mm, 100 x 100 mm, 200 x 100 mm and 200 x 200 mm ensuring broad compatibility with monitors on the market. It has adjustable height settings and allows screen rotation of up to 60 degrees, providing flexibility in viewing angles. In addition, the rear-folding design of the stand facilitates efficient use of space, especially when it is necessary to “put away” the setup.

Thermaltake GR500Thermaltake GR500

Finally, you will undoubtedly have noticed that the GR500 has RGB lighting under its base with several possible settings such as a standard mode and a mode Rhythm Pickupwhich adjusts the lights in response to ambient music…

Thermaltake GR500 RGBThermaltake GR500 RGB



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