This 5D video game will turn your brain

In the video game Screenbound, we play in both 2D and 3D environments. A strong concept whose images are intriguing.

Enter the unique world of Screenbound, where your Quantum boy (Qboy) transports you to a strange dual-dimensional space that occupies 5D = 3D + 2D “. No, this is not a physics course required to obtain your diploma, but the description of a video game that will one day be available on Steam. Screenboundtherefore, combines phases of 2D and 3D gameplay in an original and astonishing mix.

The principle of Screenbound is ultimately quite simple to understand: we play a 2D game which is nestled in a 3D environment. With a subtlety which consists of making us move in 3D when we move in 2D. The images speak for themselves and are enough to make you dizzy. For developers, this concept makes it possible to give rise to in-depth interactions between two dimensions that respond to each other.

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Screenbound is a five-dimensional game

Screenbound reminds us of another promising game which mixes flat phases (in 2D) with moments of pure 3D: The Plucky Squire. But it is clear that it goes even further since everything overlaps. Each of the dimensions will have its specificities: the fights will be exclusively in 2D while the rewards will be obtained in 3D. “ Your jumps and movements mirror each other — but some things affect the opposite dimension “, we can read.

This strange game will apparently encourage exploration, as there will be secrets to unearth. Screenbound will also ask players to think. “ Twisting environmental puzzles will force you to test the limits of dimensional space », specifies the description. In terms of originality, it’s hard to do better than this two-in-one game that could redefine the rules of the platform as we know it. We can imagine tasty trompe-l’oeil effects to captivate.

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Screenbound // Source: Crescent Moon Games

And imagine that Screenbound will even offer a little bit of narration. It is the hero’s mother who is said to have invented the strange device – it looks like a Game Boy. After coming across it, he will discover a whole bunch of secrets, some darker than others. Finally, the title will have a 2D level editor with a “twist”: it will automatically generate the 3D equivalent, for immense possibilities. We hope that the gameplay keeps its promise.

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