The big test of brands: half of the references fail for pickle chips, but also some nice surprises (COMPARATIVE)

The big test of brands: half of the references fail for pickle chips, but also some nice surprises (COMPARATIVE)
The big test of brands: half of the references fail for pickle chips, but also some nice surprises (COMPARATIVE)

New episode of our consumer test series. As a reminder, every week we test products on sale in the six supermarket chains (Delhaize, Colruyt, Aldi, Lidl, Intermarché and Carrefour) by comparing the major brands to “white products” or distributor brands. The final score for each product is out of twenty points: 2.5 points for the appearance of the packaging, the appearance of the product, the nutritional value and the readability of the label, and 5 points for the taste and the quality-ratio. price. This week, we tried pickle chips for an aperitif. For information, Intermarché does not offer this product as its own brand.

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Appearance of the packaging: we chose Lays as the reference brand for this test. Overall, the color green is in, the color of pickles, of course. Only Aldi relies on a yellow and black package, which is also not very successful. For the rest, Lays remains the logo that everyone recognizes, with a traditional package but not the most successful in the end. We also preferred several copies, such as Delhaize, Colruyt and Lidl, which we found more modern. For Carrefour, it was simple, like the big brand.

Product appearance: for Lidl, the chips didn’t look too greasy, and smelled good, although the smell was a little light. For Carrefour and Aldi, it was visually similar. The chips were thicker and golden at Delhaize and had a more subtle smell. At Colruyt, they only existed in a “ribble” version, so it was complicated to compare, but it didn’t smell like much. On the big brand side, the chips were as beautiful as at Delhaize, but the smell was much more pronounced. It made me want it a lot more.

Nutritional value : Nutri-Score C for everyone, even if they are chips.

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Label readability: for Aldi, it was very readable, with a table, perfect. Same thing for the big brand, Lidl and Delhaize. On the other hand, it was a little small at Colruyt, and it lacked a board. For Carrefour, it was written a little too small and the choice of apple green font on a light green background could be confusing.

Taste : we start with Lidl. It was very decent, a little light in taste, but rather fine and not too fatty. For Carrefour, it was very vinegary, but otherwise very bland. And fatter. It was even worse at Lidl. It was certainly less fatty, but really very bland in terms of taste. It was barely better at Colruyt, but still insufficient. We really liked the chips from Delhaize, much more subtle in taste, without being too fatty or salty. But nothing replaces the big brand, two inches above the competition, without discussion. The mustard tasted good, the chips were very crispy. Perfect.

The big brand test: for soft sandwiches, we sometimes looked after the taste (COMPARATIVE)

Value for money: here are the prices in order for a 250g package (200g at Colruyt, 225g for the big brand): Lays (€2.19), Carrefour (€1.59), Delhaize and Lidl (€1.49), Aldi (€1.39) and Colruyt (€0.95).



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