Lacking inspiration with your AI prompts? Check out the Anthropic Library

Are you tired of spending hours searching for the perfect wording to get good results with your AI prompts?

Don’t worry anymore, since Anthropic thought of everything with Prompt Library. This free library of prompts will allow you to interact more easily with tools like Claude3, ChatGPT, Mistral…etc. The prompts you’ll find there are pre-optimized for a multitude of tasks, from writing to development to data analysis. And it keeps getting richer since everyone can submit their best prompts.

To use it, simply copy and paste the prompt of your choice into your favorite AI, make a few modifications if you feel like it, and that’s it! There is even code in TypeScript or Python that will allow you to pass a “system” message before your “user” message.

Each of these prompts is the result of meticulous work on the part of the Anthropic teams whose objective is to provide top quality results of excellent quality in order to show what Claude3 has in his stomach. And, as I said, there is something for everyone… From prompts to generate recipes, interpret dreams, engage in mindfulness mediation, to more work/business things like creating a brand, writing documents , debug python code and so on.

If you want to take a look, this is the place.



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