Dogs can have prostate problems too

Dogs can have prostate problems too
Dogs can have prostate problems too

Male dogs also have this gland, located under the bladder, on the pelvic floor and which secretes part of the seminal fluid. The sperm are produced by the testes and the prostate fluid is a kind of diluent, which ensures better protection and fertility of the sperm.

Prostate problems in dogs are especially seen in mature or elderly dogs, basically from 9 years old, and who are not castrated since the activity of the prostate is totally linked to the production of testosterone. When there are no more testicles, there is no more testosterone.

What first alerts owners is the presence of bleeding from the penis, which is visible by small blood stains that the dog can leave on the ground occasionally. Which can also lead him to lick his sheath more often.

Apart from these small blood spots, the dog may have a little more difficulty defecating, he is often constipated. It can also cause pain that radiates to the hindquarters and owners may report difficulty getting up from their sleeping place in the morning.

And lastly, but less common, are the urinary symptoms: a dog who will pee smaller but much more frequently. All this is not easy because ultimately it can cause digestive problems, locomotor or urinary problems.

Prostate cancer, very rare in dogs

If such symptoms appear, head to the veterinary clinic.. Rectal examination yes it also exists in dogs to feel an increase in volume or pain when palpating the prostate and otherwise it is possible to perform an ultrasound.

There are 2 prostate diseases that are found quite frequently in an unneutered dog:

On the other hand, prostate cancer is very rare in dogs, compared to humans for example. In terms of treatment, for prostate hypertrophy, surgical or medical castration with an implant often resolves the problem within a few weeks with a reduction in the size of the prostate.

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