The Huawei Pura 70 Ultra is a photo champion, the design of the Galaxy Z Fold 6 is revealed, this is the recap of the week

Huawei’s Pura 70 Ultra takes the lead in the DXOMARK ranking, an image reveals that the design of the Galaxy Z Fold 6 is very different from that of its predecessor, the RAM speed now displayed in MT/S under Windows 11, it is the recap of the week.

As a new 3D render lifts the veil on the design of Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 6, Huawei’s Pura 70 Ultra now dominates the DXOMARK rankings thanks to impressive photography performance. The chances of buying a cloned game on the second-hand market are increasing and the Performance tab now displays the RAM speed in MT/s under Windows 11. Recommendation of the day: avoid dragging your fingers near the front trunk of the Cybertruck.

New design for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6

After several leaks on the technical sheet of the Galaxy Z Fold 6, a new 3D rendering shared by the case manufacturer Thinborne on X (Twitter) lifts the veil on the design of the future smartphone. According to the image, Samsung would have opted for a flat screen and a rectangular format very different from the previous model. A little more patience, we should find out if the Korean manufacturer says goodbye to the curved slab and rounded edges between July and August 2024.

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Pura 70 Ultra: a new leader in the world of mobile photography

Barely a month after joining the DXOMARK rankings, the Pura 70 Ultra surpasses all its competitors. Indeed, Huawei’s smartphone is now the new champion, with a score of 163 which allows it to dethrone the Magic6 Pro. Large sensor, excellent capabilities in low light conditions, beautiful color rendering, remarkable telephoto macro lens, the Pura 70 Ultra stands out from other photophones.

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Buying used Switch games is not without risk…

Although it is always very tempting to obtain video games on the second-hand market, this practice is not without risk. Indeed, it is increasingly easy for pirates to create perfect copies and deceive buyers who have no way of verifying whether it is a counterfeit. Visit our dedicated news to find out how to reduce the risk of obtaining a cloned version.

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Credit – Taki Udon

Cybertruck: the automatic trunk closing system can be dangerous for your fingers

If you’re wondering if the Cybertruck’s trunks could be a danger to your fingers, the answer is yes. Indeed, if the automatic closing system seems to detect obstacles such as an arm or a hand, the fingers are not enough to force the reopening of the trunk. In any case, this is what we see in the video by YouTuber Joe Fay, where we see the driver doing the “finger test” and coming out of this risky experience with a broken finger.

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Credits – Joe Fay via YouTube

Windows 11 now displays RAM speed in MT/s

A new change has just appeared in the latest beta build of Windows 11. Indeed, if you go to the Performance tab of the task manager, you will see that the RAM speed is no longer displayed in MHz but in MT/s (megatransfers per second), that is to say in real speed. A welcome change which will provide much more precision on the use of your RAM.

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Our tests of the week

HMD Pulse Pro: repairable but perfectible

While the idea of ​​a repairable phone is great, the HMD Pulse Pro still has a way to go to join the best entry-level phones. It’s a pleasant smartphone to hold, and we appreciate the microSDXC port to increase storage and the 3.5mm jack port which improves the audio experience. It might appeal to you if you have a small budget and are looking for Nokia OZO compatibility. That being said, the HMD Pulse Pro lacks power, charging is slow, the photo part is not great and you will only get 2 years of updates.

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Huawei Watch Fit 3: our favorite of 2024

Huawei offers here one of the best watches on the market for a reasonable price. During our test, we were won over by the design and lightness of the Watch Fit 3, its excellent autonomy and fast charging, the comfort provided by the screen, and the health application. Small downside, we regret that the application store is too limited. Be careful, the bracelet colors will not be to everyone’s taste.

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TCL C805: very good value for money

Despite some notable flaws, the C805 is an attractive TV thanks to its good value for money, attractive aluminum frame and full connectivity. TCL multiplies the compatibility and we love the depth of the video and audio settings. Unfortunately, the central foot is not always practical, the upscaling smoothing is too aggressive and the reflectance is quite pronounced.

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