The adventures of an endearing booger!

The adventures of an endearing booger!
The adventures of an endearing booger!

Booger is born in little Yvon’s nostril. This yellowish, salty ball has no idea of ​​the crazy adventures that await him… Only the author Marie Demers can transform a funny subject – the life of a booger – into a story on resilience really well thought out!

Photo provided by Éditions de la Bagnole

How do we end up having a booger like the main character in our story?

I have always loved absurd humor. I find that we allow ourselves less, in Quebec… I wanted to write a character that was just funny, just nono! Also, when I was little, I ate my boogers. I had a real fixation on boogers. My story begins with little Yvon who sticks his boogers on the edge of the couch. That’s what my brother did!

In children’s literature, certain stories will try to “force” a message. This is not the case with yours and it’s a real breath of fresh air!

Children’s literature, I think, is often very moralistic… There is a lyrical side. I admit that I don’t have that in my style at all: I’m either crude or comical. You can’t be who you’re not, in literature! To be honest, it was difficult to find a publisher for the booger. Many wondered how to illustrate such a story… I felt that there would be reluctance around such an absurd character and I am happy that he was able to see the light of day.

Your story is intended to be humorous, but the theme of resilience is approached in an original and effective way.

I found it interesting to demonstrate that we can become attached to any character. It’s also about readjusting the look: the images of the illustrator Sax, those of the booger, are magnificent! It’s fundamentally disgusting, but to be able to shift your gaze and say to yourself that this booger has the right to live and be happy, that’s special.

Let’s go with a funny question: your booger character; what would his strengths be?

(Laughs) Naivety, hope, humor and the capacity to marvel. He’s clearly not that smart of a booger, but maybe this “lack” of intelligence is one of his strengths. Sometimes you just have to let life carry you along.

Reading your album will spark funny discussions with the family! Do you think this might lead people to look at boogers differently?

Maybe… I did some research online and there is a study that was done to find out if eating our boogers helped strengthen our immune system and the answer would be yes! Apparently, it would be better for our bodies to eat our boogers than not to eat them.



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