Solo Leveling Arise Weapons: Which are the best to equip Sung Jinwoo with?

News tip Solo Leveling Arise Weapons: Which are the best to equip Sung Jinwoo with?

Published on 05/11/2024 at 05:45

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Do you want to equip Sung Jinwoo with the best possible weapons so that he can play the different game modes of Solo Leveling Arise? Find in this article our tier list of the best in the game!

This Solo Leveling: Arise weapon tier list is based on weapon power for all currently available PvE game modes. Unlike the hunter tier list, the latter is not categorized by element. Certain weapons can do the trick very well, even if the element of said weapon is not the same as that recommended by the level. Despite their element, weapons have some really important skills and power to consider when equipping them.

This tier list, like many others, will evolve over time, when new weapons or new balancing updates are deployed in the game.


  • Tier list of Solo Leveling Arise weapons
  • How to promote obtaining the best weapons in Solo Leveling Arise?
  • Which of the hunters’ weapons?

Tier list of Solo Leveling Arise weapons

  • S+ | Demon Sword: Plum Blossom, Slay the Wolf, Shadow Scythe, West Wind, Grimoire of Thetis
  • S | Orb of Greed, Radir Family Longbow, Luna Shadow, Demon King’s Glaive, Kasaka’s Poisonous Hook
  • HAS | Naga Guardian Dragon Trident, Vulcan Rage, Black Hawk
  • B | Baruka Surin, Burning Demon Grimoire, Knight Slayer
  • VS | Sparkling Dragon Sword, Frozen Falchion, Orc Longsword, Demon Knight Spear, Rock Golem Hammer, Dragon Scale Longsword
  • D | Knight’s Sword, Tomb Keeper’s Scythe, Sandstorm Cube, Lizard Glaive, Razan’s Blade, Ice Elf Bow, Lycan Slayer, Kim Sangshik’s Sword, Arachnid Crossbow

To get good weapons in Solo Leveling Arise, you will have to rely on your luck, but not only that. You can prioritize the drop of an object by selecting it from your list of increased rates, within the general banner of the game.

Not all weapons on the list are present in the selection tab, however the best ones are there. So, if you are looking for weapons and not hunters, consider changing the characters in your selection to only add weapons for Sung Jinwoo.

Solo Leveling Arise Weapons: Which are the best to equip Sung Jinwoo with?

Which of the hunters’ weapons?

The best weapons for hunters are those that are exclusive to them. Without it, you will not be able to take advantage of the full power of your fighters. So, for now, stick to equipping SR weapons (if possible).

  • For support type characters, prioritize grimoires
  • For DPS type characters, prioritize bows or even swords and daggers (it all depends on the effect you want to improve)
  • For tank type characters, prioritize shields or swords and axes

You can obtain hunter weapons through events or by crafting them.



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