here are the 6 worst games on the Sony console, cocorico there is a French game

here are the 6 worst games on the Sony console, cocorico there is a French game
here are the 6 worst games on the Sony console, cocorico there is a French game

Spider-Man 2, Elden Ring or God of War: Ragnarok, these are games that have considerably left an imprint on the history of the PS5 when they were released and still today. With the probable arrival of the PS5 Pro, we can expect other equally legendary games (special mention to GTA 6). But in the world of video games, not everything always shines. Here’s the best… of the worst!

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The ranking of the lowest rated PS5

To establish this ranking, we use the ratings available on the Metacritic site. This brings together all the reviews and ratings given to a game and summarizes all these opinions to give a rating out of 100. To give an example, The two games that are currently highest rated on PS5 are Elden Ring And Baldur’s Gate 3 with a rating of 96 out of 100.

Don’t expect to see this kind of note here… but quite the opposite! The lowest rated game in our selection obtained a dismal score of 33 out of 100 on Metacritica real disaster for this title even though it comes from one of the most popular licenses in pop culture!

What are the 6 least popular games on the PS5?

Among the 6 PS5 games which are lowest rated on Metacritic, it is important to specify that we find two titles from cult licenses. First, we find eFootball 2022the new name of the series PES. With this new name, the license has become completely free to the delight of football fans. However, at launch, players were extremely disappointed with the graphics on offer and encountered numerous bugs.

The other big disappointment in this ranking is The Lord of the Rings – Gollum. A game that immerses the player in the shoes of Gollum and which was eagerly awaited by fans of the license. However, the launch was disastrous with bugs that prevented players from enjoying the title. A disaster which plunged the studio directly into closure. Here is the ranking of the 6 lowest rated games on the PS5.

1. Crime Boss: Rocky City

Released on the PS5 in November 2023, we play a gangster determined to dominate the city of Rockay City by carrying out various illegal activities: from robberies to drug trafficking. Unfortunately, its storyline lacks originality, its game mechanics are too repetitive, and the graphics do not live up to expectations. In short, Crime Boss: Rockay City disappoints rather than excites, leaving players wanting more.

Crime Boss: Rocky City 505 Games

2. Babylon’s Fall

Even the biggest names in the industry aren’t immune to disappointments. Despite high expectations surrounding survival horror, Babylon’s Fall was heavily criticized for its outdated graphics, monotonous gameplay, and aggressive monetization system.

Babylon’s Fall Square Enix

3. Quantum Error

Quantum Error failed to reach the heights of horror it aimed for and quickly found itself as a major disappointment for fans of space terror games. Despite its laudable ambitions to deliver an immersive experience in a nightmarish space environment, the game was criticized for its unpolished gameplay mechanics, clunky controls, and disjointed narrative.

QuantumError TeamKill Media LLC

4. Flashback 2

Here it is, the French nugget from Microids! Flashback 2 was met with considerable disappointment by fans of the original game released in 1992. Despite initial enthusiasm for the return of this cult franchise, the game was heavily criticized for its dated gameplay, outdated graphics, and lack of innovation . The developers attempted to recreate the classic experience of the original game, but this often resulted in a feeling of regression rather than nostalgia. Additionally, technical issues, such as bugs and performance issues, have hampered the gaming experience for many players.

Flashback 2 Microids

5. eFootball 2022

The revamp of Konami’s long-loved franchise, Pro Evolution Soccer (PES), generated great hype upon its release in September 2022. Indeed, despite high expectations, the game was widely criticized for its technical issues, including graphics below current standards, stiff animations and faulty artificial intelligence. To make matters worse, the transition to an economic model focused on microtransactions has not been to everyone’s taste. Until now, eFootball 2022 held the title of worst game on the PS5. But luckily Gollum came to break the spell… (or not).

eFootball 2022 Konami

6. The Lord of the Rings – Gollum

Flee, poor fools! Despite its pedigree based on the famous work of JRR Tolkien, the game received a disastrous reception. Reviewers pointed to recurring technical issues, dated graphics, and disappointing gameplay. In short, there is nothing to save, not even the studio behind the game which is now closed. If for posterity’s sake, you want to try it, know that Sony is offering a free demo on PS5! Yes yes, we swear…



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