Apple apologizes following controversy over its iPad Pro ad

Apple apologizes following controversy over its iPad Pro ad
Apple apologizes following controversy over its iPad Pro ad

In advertisingApplea metronome, cans of paint, a piano, a jukeboxa mannequin, a sculpture, cameras, books and many other objects are slowly crushed by a huge hydraulic press.

Then it rises to reveal, in their place, a iPad Pro. All to the sound of the pop song All I Ever Need is You by Sonny & Cher.

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The destruction of the human experience through Silicon Valleyfor example reacted the British actor Hugh Grant on X (ex-Twitter), in response to the message presenting the new iPad Pro on Tuesday by Tim Cook (new window)THE president and CEOCEO ofApple.

Who needs human life and everything that makes it worth living? Immerse yourself in this digital simulacrum and give us your soul. Sincerely, Applelaunched, ironically, Ed Solomon, the screenwriter of Men in Blackon X.

Creativity is part of our DNA at Appleand it’s incredibly important to us to design products that enable creatives around the world to thrive.

Our goal is to celebrate the myriad ways people express themselves and bring their ideas to life throughiPad. We missed the mark with this video and we apologizeadded the vice president of marketing ofApple on the specialized site Ad Age.

The company also decided not to broadcast the ad on television, as initially planned.

Fears aroundartificial intelligenceAI

Apple spoke very little aboutartificial intelligenceAI Tuesday, and did not mention theartificial intelligenceAI generative, but this technology – which makes it possible to produce all kinds of content (texts, images, videos, music, etc.) upon simple request in everyday language – is of concern to artists.

Hollywood actors, actresses and screenwriters (new window) went on strike for several months (new window)calling in particular for protections againstartificial intelligenceAI generative.

And a number of artists have filed complaints (new window) against the main companies in the sector, such as OpenAI (ChatGPT), accusing them of having plundered their works to train their models ofartificial intelligenceAI generative.



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