The Nintendo Museum will open its doors: fans will enjoy it!

Game news The Nintendo Museum will open its doors: fans will enjoy it!

Published on 05/09/2024 at 10:15 p.m.

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There are places like that that we cherish before we can even set foot there. The Nintendo Museum is probably one of them and it turns out that we finally have a slightly more specific release window.

The doors of happiness

A true pillar of video games, but also of modern culture in general, Nintendo is a company with an extremely rich past: if you weren’t aware, do you say the company was founded in 1889 and that it first made playing cards, before becoming interested in toys… then finally in video games in the 70s. A pedigree like no other competitor in the sector that had to be highlighted with dignity.

To do this, the Kyoto firm has therefore planned a whole museum in this same city: the building has been being remodeled and refined for a while now, even due to originally open at the end of March 2024. Well, unsurprisingly, the construction site has fallen a little behind schedule: it must be said that we speaks of a massive operation, aimed at transform the Nintendo Uji Ogura factory, built in 1969 then renovated in 1988””” (to serve as a console repair center) into a true large-scale fan base.

See you in September

It was in its recent financial report that Nintendo touched on two words about its famous museum: the opening is therefore planned for September 2024, in Kyoto therefore (in Japan, we specify this just in case). It will retrace the entire history of the firm with a ton of ultra-collectible objects and goodies.

Note that this Nintendo Musem is part of a policy already well committed by the company to spreading its brand almost everywhere beyond video games. For example, we can cite the Super Nintendo World amusement park in Osaka, which was also exported to Los Angeles and which will also arrive in Florida then in Singapore, still within the Universal Studios Hollywood parks.

The Nintendo Museum seen from above

To this is also added a real desire to reach out to the public of the Seventh Art: the Super Mario Bros. movie. was a hit, while a live-action film The Legend of Zelda is officially in production.

Remember that Nintendo’s new console, succeeding the Switch, has recently been talked about: its reveal will be made during this fiscal year (therefore before March 31, 2025). A Nintendo Direct will also be organized this summer, focused on games coming to the current Switch, which has not yet said its last word.

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