Activation of Windows 11, Microsoft tests new restrictions

Activation of Windows 11, Microsoft tests new restrictions
Activation of Windows 11, Microsoft tests new restrictions

As you may have noticed, it is possible to install Windows 11 without a product key. The operating system is operational although it comes with some restrictions and constraints. For example, the desktop displays reminders and a watermark while access to certain personalization options is not authorized (wallpapers, etc.).

Overall, it works well by allowing the installation of applications and using the Microsoft Store while benefiting from maintenance via the Windows Update service. It is even possible to make administrative changes.

Microsoft could, however, block access to certain settings of its Edge browser. Through the latest Canary versions of Edge, the firm is testing new constraints linked to “non-activation” of the OS. For example, we have a lock on access to settings and the display of notifications indicating that Windows 11 is not activated. A message explains

We notice that your Windows is not activated, some customizations have been limited.

It appears on each settings page. Some parameters are blocked such as the “ When starting Edge “. This means that it is no longer possible to change the way the browser opens.

If you want to experience these changes just install Windows 11 without providing a product key in a virtual machine. The system will therefore not be activated. However, be careful not to log in using a Microsoft account. In this case the OS is linked to an associated digital Windows key.

Knowing that the tests are ongoing, it is possible that Microsoft will add other restrictions to the browser settings.

Windows 11 not activated, a few seconds to install a new browser

To our knowledge Microsoft has not made any official statement on the subject. For the moment, this new restriction is not very restrictive. For what ? It takes a few seconds to install a new browser. A doubt ?

In the taskbar search box type cmd to launch a command prompt. Then type winget install Mozilla Firefox and validate by pressing the Enter key.

The Firefox browser is now installed. You can replace Mozilla Firefox with the name of another browser, for example Google Chrome, Brave or Opera.

Source: windowslatest



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