the implant in a patient’s brain generated complications – La Nouvelle Tribune

Neuralink, in a bad situation? While many videos are circulating concerning the first patient to have had a chip in the brain, videos showing him playing a video game, in thought, the reality would be somewhat different. Indeed, the latter would have had certain complications.

According to a survey conducted by the Wall Street Journal, some of the electrodes of the brain implant would have detached from the patient’s brain. Problem, this information would have been kept secret by the group owned by . This was only revealed after the WSJ took the decision to publish an incriminating article, denouncing the manipulations of the American group.

Neuralink, accused of hiding information

However, tests on monkeys had been carried out, the latter even being crowned with success. In May 2023, Elon Musk’s group also received authorization to carry out experiments on human subjects. For these first tests, Neuralink also focused on quadriplegic people, who could no longer use either their legs or their arms.

The fact that the electrodes then detached would have led to a loss in precision and speed of the signals transmitted by the electronic chip to the computer responsible for translating thought into movement. To put everything back on track and achieve optimal efficiency, the group Neuralink had to review its technology and software, updating it so that all operations were taken into account.

Air causing the problem?

But why would the chip electrodes be detached? According to the Wall Street Journal, this could be because of tiny air bubbles that remained in the patient’s skull after his operation. Despite everything, the group specializing in brain-computer connections did not wish to react, preferring to concentrate on the development of its technology.



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