Fallout 4 can be even better, but it will have to be earned! More beautiful, bigger and more practical, this version of the game eclipses the original

Game news Fallout 4 can be even better, but it will have to be earned! More beautiful, bigger and more practical, this version of the game eclipses the original

Published on 05/09/2024 at 12:00

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If players are good at anything, it’s their creativity, whether it’s imagining content around and for the game. Bethesda’s various games have benefited greatly from all of this, but a new recently disillusioned the community. We explain everything to you in this JV Fast dedicated to Fallout 4 mods!

Hard blow

You just saw the series fallout from Amazon Prime and it makes you want to launch Fallout 4? To do it in the best conditions, there is no secret: the mods. In fact, the game will soon celebrate its 10th anniversary, and the gaming community has since had plenty of time to develop various outstanding additions for the title. However, just a few days ago, Bethesda released an update aimed at improving the title for the latest generation consoles. But this is where the problem lies: this update breaks all existing mods, but also those to comenotably the highly anticipated “Fallout London”, which promised players the chance to discover the English capital almost 210 years after the Great War, in a DLC-sized mod!

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Despite this, modders have resources! If some are already preparing to rework their creations to adapt them to the new version of the game, others recommend that players downgrade their title to the stage before the update. Obviously, all this only concerns the PC versions of the game, but even more precisely, only those on Steam, since installing mods is impossible on iterations available on Game Pass. These additions can improve the graphic appearance, but also further optimize the title, while adding a wide variety of additional content!

That’s great

Many mods allow you to make Fallout 4 unrecognizable from the Source material. In fact, it is for example possible to make the game closer to reality than ever with “Enhanced Lights and FX”, emphasizing the contrasts, and giving an extremely realistic appearance to the various light sources. If it’s practicality that matters to you, “Full Dialogue Interfacebrings back the old dialogue system of the licenseabandoning the paraphrase wheel considered quite impractical by players.

We were talking earlier about “Fallout London“, but if you are fans of the old titles of the franchise, the project “Fallout 4: New Vegas” proposes, for his part, the possibility of roaming the wastelands of Fallout New Vegas again, with the engine from the 4th episode. This notably corrects the various gameplay problems of the original title in addition to improving the graphics. Unfortunately, the next-gen update probably had to slow down the project. Finally, most existing mods are also found in packs, alongside dozens or even hundreds of other creations, to truly transform your experience. If you want to discover more mods, do not hesitate to consult our dedicated JV Fast, available at the top of the page, where we list the most interesting of them and where we explain how to install them!

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