€320 discount to take advantage of on-board AI!

By going through telephone operators, it is possible to have great promotions on smartphones. Even the most high-end models are seeing their prices drop thanks to offers like that of Free Flex. It is mainly thanks to the subscription of a mobile plan that it grants a preferential rate. But sometimes other gifts are added to the mix. So, at the moment, Free is applying an immediate €320 discount for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, in addition to the usual offer.

€320 less for the Galaxy S23 Ultra and payment spread over 24 months with Free Flex

Few offers allow you to take advantage of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra at a very reduced price, without involving any commitment. However, this is indeed the case with Free flex which leaves customers free to cancel the mobile plan whenever they wish. At the moment, the telephone operator is doing even stronger, given that the immediate discount exceptionally amounts to €320.

The immediate discount applies to any new customer of a non-binding mobile plan.

With the discount, customers can also benefit from Free Flex’s very special system: smartphone rental with purchase option. By combining the two advantages, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra only costs €399 on first payment. Then, a rent of €24.99/month applies. Finally, after 2 years, the purchase option for €100 allows you to obtain it directly.

Subscribers therefore have a choice: either they pay the monthly payments and end up buying the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, or they can change to another phone free of charge. This is perfect for people who like to change regularly and want to be sure to recycle the smartphone in the best possible way. In total, the operation costs €1,099Free also offers to pay for everything at once.

To make the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra even more affordable, there is a solution. Against taking back your old phone, Free lowers the bill depending on its value. Here too, it’s a very good way to give the device a second life, since Free takes care of handing it over to a reconditioning company.

Cost details for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra via Free Flex:

  • alone, the phone costs €1,419;
  • with a mobile plan, a discount of €320 applies upon purchase;
  • Free Flex allows you to purchase it for €399 + 24 monthly payments of €24.99 + the purchase option for €100;
  • it is also proposed to pay the €1,099 in one go;
  • trading in the old smartphone can lower the price.

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Two mobile plans for the S23 Ultra, no commitment

Once purchasing the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is a sure thing, customers still need to choose which mobile plan will come with it. Free provides its two best mobile offers without commitment to choose from: the Free Series or Free 5G. The first is the cheapest, since it is €10.99/month Right now.

Mobile plan with Free and S23 Ultra

This is the cheapest of the two mobile plans offered with the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra on sale.

This mobile plan remains valid for one year, before upgrading to the 5G plan. Until then, customers will benefit from Free’s 4G+, which is already satisfactory for all connections. The data envelope has 140 GBwhich makes it a very generous subscription compared to its competitors.

The Free Series mobile plan also includes unlimited calls, SMS and MMS. Whether in mainland France, in the overseas departments, or traveling to another European country, everything remains active. For mobile data, it’s a little different since on the 140 GB, you have to limit yourself to 18 GB outside France. In addition, subscribers have access to the Free Ligue 1 application to follow the best matches and live scores.

Second possibility: the 5G package, for its part available at €19.99 (€9.99 with Freebox Pop and Ultra, €15.99 with another Freebox). It can be subscribed at the same time as the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, otherwise customers access it after one year of subscription to the Free Series.

Here, 5G relies on 250 GB (unlimited for Freebox subscribers). Many destinations are added to the EU for roaming, and customers can make calls from France to landlines in 100 countries and, among others, mobiles from the USA, Canada or even China.

Free plan internationally

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