NASA wants a rail system for a special role – La Nouvelle Tribune

On the Moon, the number of projects continues. The Chinese space agency wishes, for example, to send a probe there in the coming years to be able to study the hidden side. Today it is the NASA which reveals its plans for our star and these can be quite surprising.

On May 2, NASA unveiled the six projects selected as part of its program NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC). Each of the selected companies will receive $600,000 with the aim of continuing to develop their work. The objective of NIAC is therefore very simple, namely to finance certain companies with the aim of enabling them to overcome certain obstacles preventing their proper development.

NIAC unveils the selected projects

And one of its projects, in fact, aims to build a railway system, directly on the Moon! It’s about “FLOAT”, for Flexible Levitation on a Track. Please note, we are not talking here about a user transport system, as we can see almost everywhere, but rather a freight system which should allow the transport of payloads across the different zones of the Moon which will be served.

This train line will not operate as we are used to. The track, placed on the ground, will allow magnetic robots, arranged in levitation, to be able to circulate. Sustainable, this transport system could operate thanks to electromagnetic thrust, diamagnetic levitation and finally, solar energy. Implementation by 2030 is even hoped for.

A railway station on the Moon?

These characteristics will allow it to hover and therefore not suffer from abrasion and wear, which are notably due to lunar dust. This allows us to hope for full and total effectiveness in the long term. Finally, it remains to be seen whether all this is possible. In theory, the answer is yes. But in practice, building a transport station directly on the Moon remains a little more complex.



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