Obtain Business Playbook certification at Trainual University

Le Cose-Calcre: a site for writers and teachers who wish to be published –

Cose-Calcre is a professional association aimed at authors looking for concrete information and useful tips on creative processes and publication opportunities. We are a long way from the theory of literary genres here, because the purpose of Calcre is to teach writers strategies to improve their chances of being published. Tips, references, tools and software for writers, books and surveys, hundreds of links to sites of interest: it’s all there.

Reversed learning quickly becomes outdated, where when the flip turns into flight

“When students are in control of their learning, then authentic and meaningful things happen in a classroom. It has nothing to do with videos or homework or the latest education fad. It has everything to do with who has control over learning.”

The French-speaking world is introducing Africa to ICT in education. –

UNESCO and USAID have just helped most French-speaking countries prepare to integrate ICT into their countries. Beyond the recommendations, we now await their implementation.

The Syrian Virtual University online in the fall

UNESCO and the French National Assembly host the World Children’s Parliament –

As the year 2000 approaches, the international year of the culture of peace, the French National Assembly and UNESCO invited young people aged 14 to 16 to participate in a week of reflection in order to find out their visions on the future of tomorrow’s citizens.



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