Together against breast cancer

Together against breast cancer
Together against breast cancer

MOVE for Think Pink: together, let’s move to support the fight against breast cancer

THE June 1, 2024Think Pink launches its new campaign MOVE for ThinkPink and invites you to move to stay healthy.

Think Pink strongly recommends that everyone, affected or not by the disease, to exercise regularly. Indeed, moving is important For prevent the risk of disease but also for to recover after breast cancer. To cultivate the physical well-being And mental, physical activity proves to be an effective means, whether practiced individually or in a group, in a relaxing, intensive, regular or occasional manner.

With MOVE for ThinkPink, Think Pink wants everyone to be able to join the movement with the sport of their choice and thus move to stay healthy.

How ? By mobilizing your sports club to take action or in joining a MOVE for Think Pink sporting event organized. Whether you practice padel, yoga, zumba, spinning, basketball, judo, etc., participate throughout the year in MOVE for ThinkPink and thus support the fight against breast cancer.

Organize a MOVE for Think Pink sporting activity

Would you like to contribute to this initiative? Mobilize your sports club and schedule from June 2024, A Or several courses “Special Think Pink” in your usual schedule or organize your own event in the colors of the association.

Do not hesitate to consult the MOVE for Think Pink page to find out all the practical details.

Participate in a MOVE for Think Pink activity

If you prefer to participate in a sports activity already organized, go to the MOVE for Think Pink page where you will find a selection of events near you.

The objective of this initiative ? Raise as much money as possible to best support people affected by the disease.
Together we are stronger !

Visit for more information.



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