No more fake government apps with this thing

Published on May 8, 2024

Vincent Paquette

Google is implementing a new icon to clearly identify government applications on the Play Store. So, if you want to download an Android application from the Government of Quebec, Canada, France or the United States for example, this will be clearly indicated by a badge. The goal? Reduce the chances of downloading a fake app infected with malware.

Google is implementing a badge to identify government applications. – with Dall-E

We always say it, it is important to download our Android applications from a reliable store.

The problem is that although the Play Store is the preferred store, it is not without its flaws…

Even if Google blocks millions of malicious applications that try to interfere, some still slip through the cracks.

Of these, some will try to pass themselves off as government applications in order to defraud our identity.

Google therefore wants to remedy this problem and clearly identify the real applications.

A unique badge for Android government apps

As soon as we browse the Play Store application catalog, we notice small distinctions for each of them.

Often, it’s going to be the apps category. So for example: shopping, finance, travel, etc.

Now, Google is adding a special badge for publications that are developed and published by a government body.

We clearly notice the government badge on the Play Store. – 9to5Google

We thus find the mention: Government, when it concerns the official application of the government in question.

We can therefore be assured that this is the real application and not a false version.

As of this writing, Google is rolling out this badge in the United States, but Canada is in the next few countries where the badge will roll out.



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