Without changing anything, the Galaxy S25s would have bigger batteries

Without changing anything, the Galaxy S25s would have bigger batteries
Without changing anything, the Galaxy S25s would have bigger batteries

Samsung could boost the batteries of its Galaxy S25 without increasing their capacities, but rather by using artificial intelligence.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra // Source: Robin Wycke – Frandroid

Samsung is diving headlong into artificial intelligence with its Galaxy S24. Since then, previous generations of Galaxy S have been entitled to their updates including all or part of its Galaxy AI ecosystem.

The Korean manufacturer would not stop there. We learned today via a tweet from PandaFlash (which cites an anonymous Source) that it could divert AI for the benefit of the Galaxy S25 battery. Battery AIit is under this name that a process would be hidden allowing it to increase the autonomy of its smartphones without affecting the capacity of their batteries.

AI to control the battery

Yes, they would keep current generation batteries, but with the magic of AI they would virtually win up to 10% more capacity.

Take the Galaxy S25 Ultra as an example. Its battery would still be 5000 mAh like that of the Galaxy S24 Ultra. However, with Battery AI, it is as if its effective capacity is 5500 mAh. According to rumors, Samsung is working on its model so that it eliminates the execution of non-essential tasks. This would lead to an increase in the usage time of the phone without affecting its performance. And it is this point which is of all its importance.

Third-party apps break performance

Anyone who knows a little about their smartphone knows that battery optimization applications have been around for years. However, they can be classified into two categories: those which change absolutely nothing in behavior, placebos, and others which deliver a mixed result.

Because the ones that work all have the annoying habit of impacting performance secretly, downclocking the CPU and GPU of the device, or even affecting the 4G/5G chip by limiting its maximum throughput.

Battery AI, a retroactive function?

We are of course remaining hypothetical here. That Battery AI will be deployed on the Galaxy S25s is also just a theory, but it is plausible. And if this is indeed the case, it would be interesting to know if this AI function would be retroactive.

Taking advantage of it on the Galaxy S24 or S23 would be very positive. It is still necessary that it is not subject to a new NPU integrated into the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 or Exynos 2500 which should equip the high-end Galaxy of 2025.



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