The best sites to support you in your studies

The best sites to support you in your studies
The best sites to support you in your studies

During your studies, you will have a lot of work to do in addition to your life outside. For make your life easier in certain areas such as creativity, text creation or even video, there are sites to help you. Kotplanet has put together its top 6 sites for you that could be of great help throughout your studies. From correcting your spelling, to creating visuals or even organizing your student life, there’s everything. These sites are based on the development of artificial intelligence. His ability to produce results is simply astonishing.

Kotplanet gives you 5 search engines to use to vary your searches.


For you, create visual aids, There is no simpler. You can start from an already developed model or from scratch at all. You can create your CV directly on Canva. The same goes for visual presentations like PowerPoint. And the best part is that all this is free. There is of course a premium version, but you can largely do with the free version.

2/ Scribbr

This is a site offering many possibilities such as correcting your spelling, writing a bibliography, anti-plagiarism software, etc. When writing your final dissertation, this could be of great use to you. For payment, you can even ask them to reread this work or an internship report to see and modify any errors.

3/ GPT chat

This name is not foreign to your ear? No wonder, it isone of the most used software for numerous writing or rewriting of text. You can also use it to generate a code, a video or even a sound. Be careful, however, not to become addicted to it. You can use it for trivialities, but not for writing your TFE for example.

4/ Concept

For organize optimally your diary is the best. From the classic diary to note-taking, it’s a multitasking program. To organize your courses and avoid having to “clean up” your PC, you can ask the free version of Notion to do it. The only real downside to the free version of the site is its limited storage capacity. There is also the possibility of gathering your knowledge using the tool.

5/ Cogram

During group work, it can be difficult to take notes while listening to the other members of your group. This wonderful tool take the notes for you while structuring them. In addition, it gives a short summary of the important information that was said. This with the aim ofbe entirely focused on interactions with the others. It’s also practical so you don’t have to spend time restructuring your notes after a meeting. The AI ​​that generates this shares the file with you a few seconds after the gathering ends. Very useful to save you time.

Afterwards, he unfortunately cannot organize the group.

6/ Fliki

Fliki allows you to transform ideas of your imagination directly into video. Like if you have an idea for a video edit for example, you can indicate it to the tool which will do all the work for you. He is also capable of produce texts, as well as voice-overs for your video capsules. You can also search for a topic in the search bar and many of the results they offer you. It can help you, but you must remain in control of your production.

As a student, your time is precious. In order to save time to spend on other things outside of class like sports, sleeping or going out, you can rely on some AI-based software to generate certain things. From creating images and videos to writing text, there are many possibilities. Let’s start with Can go for creating PowerPoint or your CV. To check your spelling, you can copy and paste your text into Scribbr. To generate texts (not your TFE), GPT chat will be your best asset. Notion to organize everything is perfect, as well as to plan your agenda. Cogram to take care of note-taking during team meetings. And also Fliki for the creation of video to summarize your research.

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