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Do you want to do a perfect clean, without much difficulty? So Lidl is releasing this broom that cleans the floor effortlessly!

Lidl has decided to please all people who want to have quality equipment for cleaning… Discover the perfect broom that cleans floors thoroughly.

Quality household equipment at Lidl

What a joy to come home to a clean house! According to experts, having a clean and tidy home can reduce stress levels… But also improve your mood every day.

Because when the house is clean, it is much easier to see the positive things around us. We also work more productively, without being disturbed by the chaos of everyday life.

This is therefore what tends to increase the general feeling of well-being. This is essential for all people working remotely. Because they need a clean environment to stay focused all day.

Studies show that clutter and dirt can make us feel extra stressed. And this is very bad for morale. So, clean your home properly, for the sake of your mind.

Lidl helps you have a clean home, by offering you plenty of products that help you clean your home from top to bottom. For example, you can find cleaning fluids, bleach, or window products.

At the house of Lidl, there are also various models of cloths that make surfaces shine… And even essential elements for parquet floors and special surfaces. Lately, the 24 V vacuum cleaner has had the gift of gaining unanimous support.

It costs €179.99 in stores, and it helps you have a perfect home. It helps eliminate all viruses and bacteria from the floor and other smooth surfaces.

But if this product seems a little too expensive for you, then Lidl has released another item that will surprise you. This is the Steam XXL steam mop from the Vileda brand.

The ultra-complete Steam XXL steam mop

This broom Lidl has it all. Because it removes all the dust and dirt on the floors. It is very powerful, due to its good power of 1500 W. It is therefore an ideal broom which will help you clean floors or all flat surfaces.

As well as smooth surfaces. This broom Lidl has a steam system that eliminates all viruses and bacteria. Please note that it also works via a wifi connection.

It is a model with good quality, with 83% polyester and 17% polypropylene. Its plastic structure makes it even more resistant. Added to this are also some small steel electrical parts.

The dimensions of this broom Lidl are 25.6 x 14.7 x 68.7 cm. There is also a 7 meter long connecting cable. Please note that this model is quite light. Ideal for relieving the back, as it weighs only 2.42 kg.

It also has an ergonomic handle that makes your transport easier. Finally, its tank is 0.4 L. Lidl ensures that you only need 15 seconds to vacuum up dirt from the floors of your home.

The brand sells it with 2 microfiber covers, and with a special accessory for cleaning the carpet. Good news, this item is on sale. It goes from €129.00 to 64.99 euros.


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