The plant to put on your balcony to keep mosquitoes away

A real scourge in summer, mosquitoes are already appearing in our homes now. The reason: rising temperatures and humidity which form the perfect environment to welcome them. To protect against this, some solutions exist such as mosquito nets on windows, essential oils, not letting water stagnate or even choosing the right plants.

The plant to place near your windows to say goodbye to mosquitoes

If we know that lemongrass generally repels these insects, wild bergamot would be even more effective. Its strong smell, similar to that of citrus fruits, will repel mosquitoes, as they do not like strong scents.


The advantage? It requires almost no maintenance (no risk of killing it) and has great resistance to cold. Its flowering begins from June to the end of July, perfect for mosquito season.

In addition, you can use it to make infusions and teas, bergamot being antibacterial and rich in antioxidants. It would also reduce stress and anxiety.

Another herb that can help you repel mosquitoes is basil. Here too, it’s two birds with one stone: we get rid of insects and enhance our dishes!

Here’s how to avoid getting bitten by mosquitoes



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