This Pokémon player achieved the feat of bringing back an exclusive 27-year-old Pokémon to the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet game!

This Pokémon player achieved the feat of bringing back an exclusive 27-year-old Pokémon to the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet game!
This Pokémon player achieved the feat of bringing back an exclusive 27-year-old Pokémon to the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet game!

Like all licenses, Pokémon has evolved over the years. If today certain rare Pokémon are distributed via events directly in the games, at the end of the 90s and the beginning of the 2000s, you had to go directly to stores or events dedicated to a specific (and very often short) period to receive the companion of your dreams. For many players from the first generations, it was almost normal not to have all the Pokémon distributed within a generation.

Why are the Pokémon distributed in events so unique?

Already, some poké could have “exclusive” attacks that they couldn’t learn in normal games. The example that will speak the most to all players is undoubtedly Pikachu with Surf. These versions of the mascot were given out at rare events, and although the competitive interest in a Pikachu Surf was very limited, it was a cool reference to one of the Pokémon mini-games. As it was impossible to teach Pikachu to Surf via natural means, these Pikachu therefore had some value to collectors. However since the Sword and Shield versions, Pikachu’s evolution family can learn Surf, causing Pikachu with Surf to lose quite a bit of their aura.

Events were sometimes the only way to recover certain pokemon. If the first Pokémon film was remembered with its opposition between Mew and Mewtwo, many players were never able to get their hands on Mew. It was not available in the Blue (Green)/Red/Yellow versions, nor in the following versions. In France alone, Mew was distributed once on July 1, 2000 (to participants of a specific tournament and only for one day), and a second time in 2007. Coming across a player with an “official”* Mew was therefore extremely rare, and for the players who own them, these pokemon have a certain emotional value.

*It was possible to obtain Mew in a roundabout way by tinkering with the files of certain games with Action Replay. For many players, going to a store capable of doing this kind of manipulation was the only way to finally play with one of the central Pokémon of the first generation’s plot.

The most expensive Mew in history?

THE redditor SwimJumpy8678 went further, finding specifically a Mew from Space World ’97, the Pokémon distributed in the oldest event in history. He then armed himself with a lot of tools to successfully send it to the most recent versions.

He needed a Game Boy Color, a Game Boy Advance, a Game Boy Color link cable, a Japanese copy of Pokemon Blue, a card dumper, a Flash Card as well as all the games and consoles needed to send the Mew from Gen 3 to Gen 7. He then downloaded a save file with this Mew online*. The file was then renamed and transferred to the card dumper. For the next step, he had need Lorenzoone mod, in order to successfully transfer Mex from Gen 1 to Gen 3**, then from Gen 3 to Gen 4**. Starting this generation, he was able to quietly send the Mew from generation to generation through official Nintendo means. The entire process is shown in this video (in English).

* As Game Boy cartridges wear out over time, data may be lost forever. Many players transferred their old saves to computer files, and some made them available to other players.

**Due to the lack of a compatible cable, it is impossible to officially exchange Pokémon between Gen 1/2 and Gen 3.

***The official trading system (created by Game Freak) from Gen 3 to Gen 4 is special, as there is no way to link games unlike previous generations. To find pokemon from your previous saves, you had to put the GBA game in the DS, launch the Gen 4 game, go to Friends Park to come across some random pokemon from the save of the GBA game. However, these pokemon are chosen randomly while being available in limited numbers per day.



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