The world number 1 tennis video game is finally back with TopSpin 2K25

The world number 1 tennis video game is finally back with TopSpin 2K25
The world number 1 tennis video game is finally back with TopSpin 2K25

Game news The world number 1 tennis video game is finally back with TopSpin 2K25

Published on 05/04/2024 at 7:00 p.m.

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For 13 years, Top Spin 4 left tennis and video game fans orphans. After its release, none managed to come close to the qualities displayed by the 2K Czech title. Does Top Spin 2K25 finally mark the return of a good tennis game? We answer the question on video.

TopSpin: 13 years of waiting was it worth it? Video response

That’s it: for several days, some players have been able to put their hands on the virtual rackets of Top Spin 2K25. The opportunity for newbies to the license to discover what made it successful between 2003 and 2011. But above all the opportunity for fans of the little yellow ball to once again appreciate a very good tennis simulation. Top Spin 2K25 displays many of the qualities that we talk about in the video test, available below.

Its major strong point? It manages to give the feeling that real tennis is back in a video game. The developers of Hangar 13 highlighted the importance of placement and timing when hitting the ball. Two essential factors which, combined with the animations specific to each player, give a real feeling of immersion. This feeling of immersion is also reinforced by numerous features and in particular the work around sound design.

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Flaws, but that’s not the most important)

But it is especially in the game, in the construction of points, that Top Spin bluffs. Everything is possible, like in a real tennis match. Exchange of short funds in rhythm, rise on the fly… It is also up to us to build our game according to our style and according to our player. There is even a career mode allowing you to create your own in our image and help them climb the ranks of the world rankings. If this career mode remains limited (I mention the reasons in the video test above), it remains a good way to get started with the game.

Of course, Top Spin 2K25 is not without its flaws. Compared to TieBreak, released earlier this year in early access, the starting roster is thin: 25 players available, as many as… Top Spin 4, released in 2011. Likewise, the facial modeling is borderline mediocre. To see Roger Federer, who himself participated in the recording of his movements for his virtual avatar, we almost wonder if we would not have preferred to see that of 2011. But ultimately, the form is obviously not not the most important. But although the #1 tennis video game is back.

TopSpin 2K25 is available in early access for all owners of the deluxe version. For others, you have to wait until April 26 for a worldwide release on PC, Xbox Series, Xbox One, PS4 and PS5.

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