Here is everything you need to know to stylishly integrate one or more mirrors into your decor

Here is everything you need to know to stylishly integrate one or more mirrors into your decor
Here is everything you need to know to stylishly integrate one or more mirrors into your decor

Mirrors are to decor what jewelry is to a pretty outfit: an essential complement!

With the trend towards XXL formats, mirrors more than ever bring amplitude to space and create interesting reflections while allowing light to travel.

A feeling of space: in addition to its utilitarian aspect, a wall or standing mirror reflects light and creates the impression of a breakthrough in the wall.

A mirror for every room: essential in the bathroom, the shower room and the bedroom, very useful in the entrance, the mirror becomes decorative in the living room or dining room. Two winning ideas: position it above the dining room buffet to create a reflection of abundance, and in the living room, install it so that it reflects the light (and the view, if there is a view). !) who enters through the windows.

Different trends: this year, we see a lot of mirrors with wavy or organic shapes that are reminiscent of Salvador Dali’s paintings. Antique mirrors and large format mirrors are also very fashionable.

Different styles: it is the framing that gives the mirror its style. When surrounded by an interesting material, it becomes a decorative element in its own right.

A decorative project at a low price: for a pretty mirror at a low price, don’t hesitate to transform the frame with metallic paint, chalk paint, an old patina effect, etc. It’s an easy decorating project to do.

Tip for small rooms: in a bathroom or walk-inwe ensure that the mirror is placed facing natural light and that another mirror surface multiplies the reflections to infinity.

Some decorating tips:

  • As with a painting, we place a functional mirror at eye level, the equivalent of approximately 1.70 m from the ground.
  • The mirror allows you to enlarge a small room and illuminate our interior.
  • Pay attention to the weight of the mirror: you must make sure to choose fixings adapted to the wall.
  • A mirror placed on the floor adds depth and a casual side.
  • Above the fireplace, the mirror is a classic. You can place a pretty vase in front with flowers or branches which will be reflected in it.

Mirrors: Five original ideas

  1. Two mirrors installed side by side create the impression of an extended reflected image. Interesting!
  2. Cover the toe kick (the space between the floor and the start of the kitchen cabinets) with mirrored surface.
  3. Decorate a wall with a collection of geometric or baroque mirrors.
  4. A mirror placed behind a console. It gives the impression of light in a windowless entryway.
  5. A mirror placed behind the bedside tables: unexpected breakthroughs


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