Release of CollabNext, a sovereign collaborative suite from “France 2030”

Release of CollabNext, a sovereign collaborative suite from “France 2030”
Release of CollabNext, a sovereign collaborative suite from “France 2030”

Jamespot, the French publisher of Digital Workplace, has just launched two collaborative, sovereign and AI-augmented offers.

The first, CollabNext, was born from the call for projects “Collaborative Cloud office suites” of the “France 2030” plan. It is the fruit of the work of 12 partners and aims to be “a real alternative to Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace”.

The suite is 100% sovereign and its hosting – on Outscale – is SecNumCloud (version 3.2).

It offers a collaborative Intranet and more than 100 applications to “respond specifically to the business needs and typologies of each organization”. It also has a complete office suite (Basic Office) with email, messaging, calendar, videoconferencing and document management.

This suite was developed by Jamespot using open Source tools, such as OnlyOffice for text editing and Jitsi for Visio.

A Gen AI-style bot

At the same time, Jamespot released an augmented Generative Artificial Intelligence assistant: “JamesBot thus presents itself in the form of a Chatbot, which can be asked to generate text using a simple prompt”.

Another novelty based on AI, a “magic wand” tool, allows you to expand or synthesize a written text, to adapt it to different communication channels in one click: Intranet, email, blog, LinkedIn post, etc. .

These two features are available, as an option, in Basic Office and CollabNext.

“Generative AI will make our collaborative solutions more powerful. The release of CollabNext is also a great victory for our partners and our teams, because this tool is the first to offer a first true sovereign alternative of this magnitude,” rejoices Alain Garnier, President and co-founder of Jamespot.

For the record, however, there are already some alternatives, notably that of Oodrive and its consortium with Tixeo and Olvid.

For its GenAI, Jamespot offers and will offer several LLMs “according to the needs and the evolution of the models, configurable by platform”, confides Alain Garnier to MagIT. “To date, we have available: Mistral AI 8x22B, Llama 3 70B and the LightOn Alfred 40B model.”

Multiple cloud options for Basic Office

The two offers – Basic Office and CollabNext – but they do not necessarily target the same organizations. “Basic Office is rather intended for users who only want “office automation” (10 to 1000 users) where CollabNext embeds a Digital Workplace including both the transversality of the CSR and the structuring of the Collaborative Intranet and its application portal (500 to 100,000 users),” explains Alain Garnier to MagIT.

To expand the distribution of its solutions, Jamespot signed around twenty distribution partnerships last year with consulting agencies and Digital Workplace players including Orange Business.

Along the same lines, the publisher has built bridges with sovereign cloud players to offer more options to its customers: OVH Cloud, 3DSOutscale (for SecNumCloud and HDS certification), Thales (for restricted distribution needs) , Orange or the public cloud “π”.



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