Pokémon Go players invent beaches to attract Pokémon to town

Pokémon Go players invent beaches to attract Pokémon to town
Pokémon Go players invent beaches to attract Pokémon to town

To make it easier to capture rare Pokémon, some users distort Openstreetmap data to make ranges appear more accessible.

“Catch them all”. Pokémon Go players have understood this motto of the famous Niantic franchise. And to fill their Pokedex, some don’t hesitate to cheat… by inventing beaches to attract certain rare Pokémon.

The mobile game consists of physically moving to catch Pokémon using an augmented reality system. With a small particularity: the creatures appear according to the typology of the location. For example, water-type Pokémon are near beaches and lakes, while rock-type monsters hang around mountains.

As a result, city dwellers may have difficulty encountering certain Pokémon. To solve the problem, clever people added fake beaches, close to cities, on Openstreetmap. Indeed, the mobile game uses this open Source community software to know if players are close to a point of interest.

The users’ objective is therefore to attract Wigleets, a rare Pokémon that appears on beaches, to capture them without having to travel several dozen kilometers to find a real strip of sand.

Parking lots turn into a beach

According to the American media 404media, around ten pages suddenly appeared on the map in place of golf courses, stadiums or even parking lots and residential courtyards. Some members have tried to delete this false data, but nothing works. New beaches are constantly appearing.

“OpenStreetMap is a real map used daily by thousands of people for many purposes including disaster, navigation, business and many other things. Please only add real information to the map”, said an OpenStreetMap user who fixed dozens of these changes. For its part, Niantic has not yet reacted to this cheat.

Since its creation in 2016, Pokémon Go has brought in no less than 8 billion dollars to its parent company according to the Appmagic website. Benefiting from regular developments, mobile gaming has been able to satisfy its 657 million players.

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