this game on Steam shocks players with the names of its characters

Game in early access which is a hit on Steam, Manor Lords has made many players react in recent days because of one element in particular: the name of its characters. But don’t be too quick to judge, because you may just be lacking general culture. This is in fact what one of the developers of the title taught us.

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These days, gamers have plenty to do. The releases of highly anticipated games keep coming, but so do the controversies. At the end of April, tennis fans were able to witness the return of the license Top Spin with Top Spin 2K25. But the game is widely criticized because of several problems, including the mandatory internet connection to play solo. The PS5 exclusive Stellar Blade also divides, because of its heroine who some consider excessively sexualized. Paradoxically, the studio behind the game is also accused of censorship. These two games were released on April 26 and this is also the case for Manor Lordsa city builder and management/strategy game available in early access on Steam.

Manor Lords is a very big hit, which sold more than a million copies in just 24 hours. The reviews on Steam are “very positive”. But a little controversy broke out because of the name given to certain characters: Cuntz.

a strange name in manor lordsthe game that’s a hit on Steam

If some English-speaking players seem a little shocked, most are amused by the situation on X or even on Reddit: some characters from Manor Lords are randomly assigned the name “Cuntz”. However, in English, the term “cunt” designates the woman’s sex. The funny thing is that this name can be given to humans as well as animals, as several players have testified since last Friday. But in reality, the developers of the Slavic Magic studio have never sought to make humor a little gritty. Lead developer Grzegorz Styczen explained that the name Cuntz was historically correct, and was even widespread in the Middle Ages: “the names were taken from a census in the Holy Roman Empire [germanique] of the 14th century, then attributed at random without any particular bias”.


Under the developer’s Reddit post, a user explained that at the time, the name Cuntz, or Kunz, was the diminutive of Konrad, a name very common in German-speaking countries in medieval times. Fortunately, players of Manor Lords who were not aware of this information were for the most part simply amused by the Cuntz present in their game, without creating any bad buzz as so often happens.



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